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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Chaz Whippler - Week 5

Chaz Whippler has reached his lifetime want last round when he became Celebrity Chef four days from Elderhood. This means that I rarely control him. You wouldn't expect a Celebrity Chef to live in such modest quarters, but Chaz has never been particularly interested in material wealth, it seems.
Checking on him this round, I find that he has 3 bolts for Lavender Greenman and Hailey Hart, but I doubt anything will come of it.
I do direct him on this Monday, making him clean and tidy up the place, as I want him to have a party (he wants that, too).
Do you remember what a bad host Chaz used to be? Not so this time! A large table is put in his still mostly empty main room, and the chairs from the small dining table in the kitchen and from the computer desk are pulled up. As a reminiscence of how Chaz' life began in this game (he was one of the original students with the "Campus" expansion pack), I add a fruit punch maker.
The party balloons on the front porch show the way for the party guests.
On his own accord, Chaz drinks from the punch maker without using a cup - I'd forgotten Sims can do that, it's been ages since I last saw one of these in action!
In the kitchen, Ellen Freshe (nee Frost, a former co-student and Tom Freshe's wife) investigates the food on offer. Instead of going for the cheese platter, she has a bag of crisps.
Soon everybody gathers around Chaz, who has taken position in front of the birthday cake. He blows out the candles...
...and turns into an Elder.
The party turns out a huge success, and Chaz spends hours cleaning up afterwards.
Especially the used cups from the fruit punch maker seem to be everywhere!
On Tuesday morning, while it is still dark, Chaz arrives at the Senior Residence where he is going to spend the rest of his days in this Sim-world.
Since it's not long ago that I have last played here, there is no need to introduce all the other residents to you, is there.
Arriving here, the clock goes back to Monday. So this week will end on Saturday, as not to play more than 7 full days for one Sim.
Natasha Una, always happy to serve grilled cheese, welcomes Chaz with her special breakfast. I am going to try an have her eat many of them herself. At the moment, she is the only Sim here who is not on PP.
Chaz chooses one of the apartments with a blue colour scheme. The jugs were left there by a former resident, but Chaz adds his personal touch by putting up a painting he made of his old house.
His bedroom is blue, too.
Odell Ottomas walks by and is greeted by Natasha.
David Ottomas is not far behind.
All week, Chaz begins his day by looking at his old house on the painting. Does that mean he misses his old life? I find it rather touching that he does that every day, of course without me telling him to.
On Tuesday, he discovers the poker table. As you can see, David Ottomas is still there from yesterday afternoon.
Jasmine Rai clears the dishes on her own accord.
Just as Chaz returns from work, Rick Contrary walks along, and is of course invited in.
Ramir Patel is next.
When Jasmine returns from work and I tell her to say good-bye to her townie colleague (Makoto St. Julien), this is how she does it! The man whose rear you can see is Cedric Stacks - he is more welcome than the townie colleague.
In fact, he is so welcome that he and Jasmine perform the school cheer together on their own initiative :-)
Wednesday sees Chaz at the poker table again, this time with the O'Feefes, Kevin and Delilah.
Ramir Patel is back.
Jasmine just about manages to come home from work and drag herself into her apartment, but faints with exhaustion before reaching the bed.
Thursday is another working day for Chaz.
Beatrice Monty is 80 today and invites some of her friends and her relatives over. Here she is about to give a hug to her cousin Mercutio Ottomas, formerly Monty. Jonah Powers does not look particularly happy, does he?
Bea's younger cousin, Romeo Monty, is also here.
Chaz chats to party guest Lilith Ottomas. "You're new here, aren't you?" she cleverly points out.
On Friday, Chaz plays chess on his own...
...while Bea and the O'Feefes play poker again.
It has been snowing for hours.
Without me influencing them, ALL of the residents arrive at the dinner table at the same time, to feast on Natasha's latest batch of Grilled Cheese! This calls for a celebration, and I have them raise their glasses. "Here's to Grilled Cheese!" :-)
On Saturday, Delilah cleans the kitchen counter on her own accord.
Chaz spends part of the day watching TV. There is not much else to report. Natasha managed to eat 15 grilled cheese, making it a total of 84.

Beatrice turned 83 today, and I expect her not to last much longer. The others are much younger: The O'Feefes are both 73, Jasmine and Natasha are 72, and "youngster" Chaz is 61.
But from their lifetime bars, it is hard to tell whether it will really be Bea to go first, or one of the others. We shall see when the next Sim reaches Elderhood and will move to the Senior Residence.


  1. You have a lot of residents now in the senior place. I bet that's a little more exciting than just one sim on their own. Chaz looked lonely in that last picture.

    1. He has been somewhat lonely most of his life, I must admit. Interestingly, Delilah O'Feefe - happily married to Kevin Beare - has been rolling wishes to flirt with Chaz...

      At the moment, there are six residents. I'd love to have eight, like I try to have eight students in one dorm, too. It sure means less boredom for me (and for them) :-)

  2. Oh, wow! I just discovered it. I used to have a SIMS game a long time ago and loved to play. Except I was never very good at keeping things from becoming chaos. Especially when a couple got married and had a child - then it all went to pieces... :) This is fun!

    1. Hello Silke! Wow - you, too, are/were a Simmer :-) That's nice! Have you seen that in the game there is a family with the same surname as yours?

  3. I do need to get back to playing! I miss it so when I read your updates. :)
    Chaz is enjoying his life in the Senior Residence and it's great for him to have lots of company there.
    You have it set up as an apartment yes? Just for when I ever get round to putting sims in your Residence in my game. :D

    1. I know what you mean - whenever I have been reading your updates, or those of others who play the Maxis-made Sims, I instantly wanted to load my game :-)

      The Senior Residence is not really set up as apartments, like the "proper" apartment lots in the game. But I assign new residents their own space by having them lock the front door to their rooms. It does not work with couples, because there is only one front door to each set of rooms, consisting of a bedroom with small en-suite bath/shower/toilet, plus front room with table and chairs, desk and dresser.



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