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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Natasha Una: Week 6

Somehow, my first version of this post disappeared completely when I clicked "publish" - pictures and all! This is my second attempt, so please forgive me for being a bit short.

Natasha Una's house is still the one originally assigned to her by Maxis. Inside and out, I have changed next to nothing. Also unchanged is Natasha's lifetime want: She wishes to eat 200 grilled cheese. In her 1st week, she managed 11; in her 2nd week, 7; her 3rd week saw her reaching a total of 30, and her 4th week 14. During her 5th week, she turned into an Elder and ate 13 Grilled Cheese, making it a total of 57.

She is 60 now, and on this Monday, Natasha wakes up alone...

...repairs her computer alone...

...and eats Grilled Cheese alone. 

I guess it is time for her to move to the Senior Residence, where she joins Beatrice Monty (71), the O'Feefes (Delilah and Kevin, both 61) and Jasmine Rai, same age as her.

Maybe you remember from previous weeks at the residence that the garden is in a sorry state, because all the Sims living here are on Permanent Platinum and most of the time can't be bothered to garden.
However, they sometimes enlist the help of a visitor, and that usually seems to motivate at least one of them to join in the work, as is the case on Tuesday with Gunnar Roque and Beatrice:

By Wednesday, there is still some work left, and Natasha takes care of disposing the dead flowers. The garden is once again tidy, and the residents decide not to plant any new flower beds for the time being.

It is Thursday before Natasha manages to join the other ladies at the poker table - she has been too busy until now, doing the gardening, house work and - of course - making Grilled Cheese.

Beatrice comes home with Nigel Newson in tow:

On Friday, Natasha meets and greets Tara Gieke, who thinks talking about Grilled Cheese is the next greatest thing after sliced bread:

By the way, Kevin O'Feefe is always happy to chat to Natasha about the subject dearest to her heart, too. She has two bolts for him, and often has the attraction-hearts flying around her thought bubble when she walks past him.

Saturday morning sees Jasmine Rai clearing up the old newspaper and then sitting down to read the games section in the new one:

On Sunday morning, Beatrice prefers to eat Grilled Cheese stale and smelly, while she could have had a freshly made one a few hours earlier:

It seems to be visitor day; Natasha welcomes Tessa Ramirez, Benvenuto Broke and Ginger Newson. With the exception of Ginger, they all talk to her about Grilled Cheese:

The week ends with Delilah falling asleep over her dinner, while her husband cleans up the dishes.

How did the week go for Natasha? She moved into the first apartment in the right hand wing, where she hung one of her Grilled Cheese paintings on the wall:

Every meal she made for herself and the others was Grilled Cheese, and yet she did not manage to eat more than 12 all week:

That gives her a total of 69 - not even half way there!
What will she do to speed up the process a bit? Is there anything going to happen about her attraction to Kevin, another woman's husband? Will newcomers at the Senior Residence stir up things a little?


  1. I don't know if it counts, but you could give it a try, just taking a bite out of one, and another, and another, instead eating just one whole grilled at a time. Sorry your first post disappeared, i always have problems with the photos (that's because i have a dodgy mouse).

    1. I do wonder if that would count as eating a grilled cheese! Possibly even to have her stop and start multiple times on the same sandwich? Hmm...let us know if you try it. I have to admit I immediately changed Natasha's aspiration when I started the game. I liked her gypsy/artist vibe far too much to focus her life on grilled cheese!

    2. As far as I remember from first playing Natasha Una, I did try the method of having her start on a sandwich, then cancel the action, and have her start again, hoping that each start would count as eating one Grilled Cheese. I am not sure whether it would count, as I don't know how I could find out - it is not like with the "earn 100.000" LTW, where every now and then, a wish to "earn 20.000" etc. pops up, so that you'll know when your Sim has reached a certain amount.

  2. I think you have to eat grilled cheese even if you aren't hungry, done just quick maths, if the average sim lasted about six weeks in the game and ate three gc a day that would be only 126. so you going to force feed her GC when she doesn't want it.

    1. That's going to be tough!! It would help of course if I didn't make her do all the other work, gardening etc., at the Senior Residence :-)

  3. A Sim does have to eat an entire sandwich for it to count. One of the easiest ways I've found is to have them go to the Hobby lot and constantly make and eat sandwiches. (Time stands still here at least) even if it takes forever. :D

    1. Good idea! Trouble is, if I send Natasha there and time stands still, it will take "forever" to complete her week... but we'll see what happens next time I'll play the Senior Residence.


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