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Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Tinker Family: Week 6

This is the Tinkers' house, still the same one they were given by Maxis.
But there is only one person left to live in this rather spacious place: Melody Tinker. She has been on Permanent Platinum ever since she became World Class Ballet Dancer 16 days from Elderhood; another 7 days, and she will cross that threshold.
Both her parents have died during previous rounds. If you want to refresh your memory of what happened in the Tinkers' lives before this round, simply click on the "Tinker" label.
I still control Melody someimes, although she is a PP Sim (and you know I mostly treat PP Sims in my game as non-playables). But there are four dogs living here, too, and I don't trust Melody's ability in taking care of the dogs' needs autonomously.

Two of them, Titus and Tita, are asleep...
...while Leroy (left) and Tilly (right) are out and about.
Melody spends Monday morning giving the dogs their regular baths and mopping up the bathroom floor. By the way, she shows 3 bolts for Edwin Sharpe, a Sim she hardly knows.
Left to her own devices after I have made sure the dogs are well cared for, Melody first plays the piano for a while...
...then reads the paper...
...prepares a group meal (even though she is the only Sim here) of salmon...
...and goes to sleep in her parents' old bedroom eventually.
On Tuesday morning, she first does the round of all the pet dishes in the house.
Then she discovers yet another dog puddle on the back deck.
It is not the only puddle she should deal with today, as the hydrobot breaks yet again! (Maybe you remember that it kept breaking last round, causing a lot of extra work for Melody and her Dad, and quite some excitement for the dogs.)
Tilly turns into an elderly dog today.
Still in her pajamas, Melody greets Parvati Patel, who happens to sport the same hairstyle.
Only on Wednesday morning does Melody clean up the plate she left here Monday night after her lone dinner of salmon.
While she's at it, she gives the kitchen counter a good scrub.
She then decides she wants to paint.
And eventually, she even makes a start on the badly neglected yard, wiping puddles and pulling some weeds on her own accord.
But I have her interrupt her momentous task to greet first Jacqueline Newson...
...and then Francis J. Worthington.
When Melody gets up on Thursday morning, she is VERY hungry.
But instead of having breakfast (from her well-stocked fridge, I must add), she continues working on the painting she started the day before.
Then she exercises a bit at the barre in her room. After all, one does not become (and remain!) World Class Ballet Dancer from painting.
To my surprise, she brings in the mail on her own accord.
By now, she is so hungry I am expecting her to die of starvation any moment, but instead of heading to the kitchen, she picks up the phone and chats to one of the Ottomas boys (I think).
Friday morning at 1:05, Melody gets up...
...only to curl up in front of the bed and die.
Mr. Reaper and I shake our heads in disbelief. Here was a Sim who had everything to lead a good long life, and showed intelligence in many ways - but when it came to food, wasn't smart enough to survive!
Her dogs howl in grief. Melody was 3 days from Elderhood. The Tinker family name has now died out.
Mr. Reaper sits down and watches telly while he waits...
...for the pet adoption service to come and pick up the four dogs.
What will become of this place, so well kept when the Tinkers still lived here as a family, and so neglected now?
Will another family move in and get the yard back in shape? Are the dogs going to be adopted by other Sims?


  1. Aww how sad. The lack of Sim intelligence baffles me sometimes. Often when they aren't even hungry they'll rustle up Lobster Thermidor and when they are starving they do nothing.
    What a shame that the Tinker name has died out, but it's survival of the fittest (and least stupid). :D
    There are plenty of dogs in the adoption pool now.

    1. Indeed, why did Melody make a group meal of salmon for just herself, had only one plate of it and starved to death a few days later? Illogical!
      Many surnames have already become extinct in New Max. I should make a survey of the names left at some stage.
      Yes, the dog adoption pool is rather big now!

  2. And another passes not from old age just plain old stupidity. And one less for your depleting population. It is a shame that the Tinker name has now disappeared.

    1. Melody was only the second Sim in New Max to die like this, I think - I could look it up on the "Births and Deaths" page, which I update all the time.
      One of the first names to become extinct in my game was Mole, if I remember correctly.

  3. So sad! The Tinker house in my game has been quite crowded, though becoming less so. Wanda or Stephen rolled the want for a baby at some point early on, and you know Sims. Once they get started with babies, they keep rolling wants for more as they grow up. I think they had 5 or 6 kids total, at least 3 of whom are now grown. I think I've told you before that Melody married Rick Contrary, and both seem quite content to live childless. But there are plenty of other Tinker children to carry on the family name.

    1. Funny to think of the Tinkers in a totally different way in your game than in mine :-)

      By the way, did you get my email with the sorority house attached? I sent it some time ago but am not sure it ever got through.

  4. I did! Sorry, here I go being distant from email again. I haven't tried downloading yet, but thank you so much! I'll let you know how it goes.

    1. Good :-) That's all I wanted to know, because sometimes an email (especially with an attachment) does not get through, and I wanted to be sure.

  5. I could swear I replied here. I was concerned with another name ending that population was getting low - but after reading backward I saw the baby boom so thats good. Good bye Tinkers. Melody, Really?

    1. Population is indeed getting low, but that is what I want - the long-term goal of my New Max "project" is to see how the many families will eventually narrow down, and who will remain the longest.


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