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Monday, 4 April 2016

The Summerdream Family: Week 7

Click here, if you want to (re-)read Week 6 at this household.

The Summerdream villa is still one of the houses I like best in New Maximiliania - even though in real life I would not want to live in a place that looks like a fairy queen's castle :-)
Do you remember the original Summerdream house, built to resemble a theatre? It was not very playable, and I moved the family here rather early on.
At the moment, we have Titania living here, now 69 years old and on Permanent Platinum since she made her 20. best friend last round.
Her husband Oberon is also here. He is 70 and on PP ever since he became Education Minister at 55. Their daughter Bottom lives with them again after a short stint at a rented apartment... well as their son-in-law, Björn.
Björn is one of Loki Beaker's half-Alien children and has known Bottom since they met at uni.
He is on PP, too, and currently works as a Space Pirate. The only person in the household not on PP is Bottom: She dreams of celebrating her Golden Wedding Anniversary with Bjrön, but is not yet old enough.

On this Monday morning, Björn prepares stuffed turkey... for breakfast, and still in his Space Pirate outfit.

It is autumn, and nature lover Bottom does not mind one bit to be out in the large garden, raking the leaves.

Björn is very neat, as seems to be the case with many half-Aliens, and often does some household chore or other on his own accord.
Björn's human Dad, Loki, died some time ago. But his adoptive mother Circe, sister Beta and niece B'Elanna Beaker are alive and well. Today, he does not work, and invites them over for the afternoon. (B'Elanna, the blond teenager, is the daughter of Björn's late brother Barry.)
"I hope you'll all come to our Golden Anniversary party in... let me think... 8 years or so," Bottom says over the delicious cheese cake they share.
On Tuesday morning, Titania finds Oberon playing the piano. These two are a very loving couple - they are still almost newly-weds, since they married very late after decades of living together and having two children. Bottom's older brother Puck lives elsewhere in New Max with his college sweetheart, Angela Pleasant, several pets and a robot.
This afternoon, pretty Carolina Capp walks by and is greeted by Titania.
On Wednesday, Puck and Angela come visiting.
Oberon, who still works at 72, returns home feeling dizzy and exhausted.
Christopher Capp (one of Carolina's brothers) walks by the house today. Titania greets him politely but can't help worrying about her husband.
Oberon has gone to bed straight after work and is soon fast asleep.
Very early on Thursday morning, a noise from the landing wakes him. "It is you... I thought so," he greets Mr. Reaper.
Oberon dies peacefully of old age at 73.
Bottom is devastated when she wakes up to the sad news of her father's passing.

Nonetheless, things need to be done, and life goes on. The repairman is called. All week, nearly every day something breaks in the house; a computer, sink, toilet, kitchen appliance or shower.
Titania and Bottom do not even think of eating, but Björn knows they all need to get some sustenance. He prepares nice fluffy omelettes for the three of them.

"You two need to eat, you know," he encourages his mother-in-law and wife.
Titania makes an effort and goes out to greet Orlando Ottomas when the young man walks by.
On Friday morning, she discovers how soothing fishing can be, and spends a few hours at the pond in the garden.
Björn tries another way to help Bottom deal with her grief - with success, I must say :-)
Lavender Greenman is the Summdreams' guest for today.
Björn makes sure the three of them have at least one meal together so that he can be sure the two ladies are eating properly. On Saturday, bowls of steaming hot soup are very welcome, now that winter has set in.
Odell Ottomas follows his twin brother's footsteps today and pays the Summerdreams a visit.
Right after greeting Odell, Titania is handed her very last cocktail by the Grim Reaper. She does not mind - she had a very good life and missed Oberon very much; now she will be with him again.
Poor Bottom, to lose both her Mum and Dad within a few days!
On Sunday, Bottom asks her older brother Puck and Angela over. They decide to fuse households; it makes sense now that only Björn and Bottom are left in the big house.
Angela immediately assumes the role of hostess and greets Blossom Swain (nee Moonbeam).
But what a shortlived pleasure it was to have her big brother move in! Bottom now has Puck to grieve over as well as her parents.
Puck was 74 when he died. 
I know - this is the disadvantage of my way of playing the rounds; because Puck and Angela never married, their household had two surnames (Pleasant and Summerdreams) and therefore was played twice in one round, resulting in Puck being the same age as his parents.

Angela takes Puck's death just as hard as Bottom.
Björn deals with the three deaths of this week in his own way: He furiously hammers away at the piano all Sunday evening.

How long before Björn and Bottom will celebrate their Golden Anniversary?
Is Angela Pleasant going to stay with them, or move in with her sister Lilith Ottomas?


  1. R.I.P Puck Summerdream
    ??/??/08 - 4/4/16 (DD/MM/YY)

    1. I never keep track of my Sims' dates like this; on my "Births and Deaths" list, I only put how old they were according to the game when they died.

  2. I thought Angela was going to die this year, it now might be next year, '17

    1. Depends on how soon I'll finish this round and start the next one :-)

  3. It seems only fitting that the King & Queen of the faeries should live in a fairytale house, :)
    The house and décor are lovely and very fitting for this family.
    What a shame to lose Oberon & Titania but they had nice and fulfilled lives. I expect they had lots of friends who will miss them too with Titania getting her 20 best friends last round. I recall they were a sociable couple to play.

    Great idea to move Puck and Angela in and a little shock to find Puck passing on too. Still Angela will have company with her new family unless you move her on to the Senior Residence. :)

    1. Hmm... not sure yet about what to do with Angela. She could either move to the Senior Residence, or join her twin sister at the Ottomas house, or even go back to where she lived before, with the robot she created and several cats and dogs from when Puck still wanted 20 best pet friends.

  4. Wow! What a round! Poor bottom - I thought something happened to Bottom in college? I guess not because shes alive and here. I was reading this going oh no! oh No! OH NO! My son says what is it I say first her dad dies, then her mom so she asks her big brother and his wife to move in then her brother dies so everybody's like who who? I say this girl on the Sims - silence in the house lol I think there's something wrong with them :) Yeah looks like Angela has a big decision to make on where she will live. What was wrong with the summerdreams original house? was it buggy?

    1. That's so funny about you telling your family about poor Bottom!
      The original Summerdream house is neither very nice nor very playable, what with the weird setup of rooms, position of the front door etc.


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