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Friday, 28 August 2015

The Grunt Family: Week 6

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The red farmhouse has long ago become the Grunt family home, while the original Grunt house is now the Powers' place.
Who lives here at the moment?
Dog Boogie and cat Kobe...
...another dog, Alegra... of course their humans: General Buzz Grunt, who became Captain Hero at 55 and has been on Permanent Platinum ever since (he is now 74)...
...and his son Ripp, who dreams of having woohoo with 20 different Sims and has already managed to get 16 names under his belt (pun intended) last round.
On Monday, Lavender Greenman and B'Elanna Beaker come visiting. B'Elanna is of course way too young in order to be really interesting for Ripp, but he does everything he can to ensure a quickly developing friendship with Lavender.
When Buzz returns from work, his colleague Frances Hart is with him. Ripp discovers that he finds Frances at least as interesting than Lavender.
Two attractive ladies at the table with him - Ripp can't eat, only think of what should be his next step.
On Tuesday morning, Buzz gets up very early. I only control him occasionally, but he is a neat Sim who hardly needs telling what to do anyway.
Not so Ripp, who hates cleaning, but is expected to do his share of housework, especially since his elderly father is still working full-time while Ripp himself has never worked a day in his life.
The Grunts still have relatives living elsewhere in New Maximiliania: Tank, the eldest son of Buzz, married into the Capp family. The Grunt-Capps are invited for a family gathering that afternoon: Callum, Carl, Carolina and their uncle Cornwall... well as Christopher, Tank, his wife Hermia and young... hmm... what was his name? Sorry - with so many Capp kids and all their names beginning with a C, the name of the little boy has escaped me. How embarrassing is that!Maybe you remember that Buck Grunt has recently died in a fire, along with his Alien son Graham. Neither Buzz nor Ripp show any signs of being aware of their death.

Never mind - everyone is having a great time. The kids love playing with their uncle.       
"Is it true you have a magic lamp, Uncle Ripp?" - "Yes, it is true! But you know what, I've not once used it yet."

Meanwhile, Hermia and Cornwall play chess.
Later, the young people gather round the table for a batch of Ripp's hamburgers.
Tank, Hermia and their youngest son make the second shift, reminiscing their wedding party of long ago.
It is Wednesday, and Buzz washes all the dogs. (I told him to do that, thinking it would suit his neat nature, and seeing as he is up so early in the morning anyway.)
When his father is at work, Ripp works, too: on meeting and befriending ladies. Today, Hailey Hart happens to walk by, and Ripp is delighted to recognize yet another 3-bolt-match in her (he has at least 5 already!).
Alegra is now 32, a ripe old age for any dog. Mr. Reaper seems to think so, too, and turns up for Alegra's very last game of "fetch".
Just as Heather Huffington, who has so far been Ripp's True Love, appears, Hailey and Ripp have started flirting.

"Oh, he-hello He-Heather... It's not what you think..." Ripp tries to save the situation. But Heather knows only too well that it is EXACTLY what she thinks (being a Romance Sim herself), and is clearly not amused.
Regardless of her ill-timed visit, Hailey becomes Ripp's # 17 in terms of woohoos.
On Thursday, Buzz decides to make omelette for breakfast, with Boogie keeping him company.
Whenever Ripp has a spare minute, he talks to one of his ladies on the phone. That way, it has not taken him long at all to make Lavender Greenman (who is another 3-bolt-lady for him) his friend. Today, she happily accepts his invitation to come over, and even brings along her friend Mary Gavigan. Only a few hours later that same afternoon, Lavender has become Ripp's # 18.
Very early on Friday morning, Hailey Hart appears on the Grunts' doorstep to leave a present for Ripp.

Somehow I don't think he'll much appreciate this fountain, and so I sell it immediately. Still, it is the thought that counts, isn't it? :-)
"Oh hi Heather... it's... you..." Ripp is still a little unsure around Heather (who has been stealing the newspaper ever since she caught Ripp and Hailey flirting), but at least the two of them are friends again.
Perseida Powers has been walking by and is politely greeted in spite of her being too young for Ripp's list.
Buzz has another colleague in tow today: Romeo Monty.
On Saturday morning, Buzz is mopping up dog puddles as he has been doing all week.
Ripp has been working on Frances Hart ever since his father brought her home from work, and it looks as if today could be the day of success.
It takes until the early hours of Sunday, but finally, she becomes his # 19.
Meanwhile, the cleanbot breaks down, filling nearly the entire porch with rubbish. I direct Buzz to turn the robot off and repair it, before turning it on again - it takes nearly all day to clean up the mess.

Do you remember how I have been thinking about moving Frances Hart in before, even though she is a townie?
She has the same surname as Matthew Hart and his family, and so I treat her as a relative of theirs. Also, the population of New Max is at an all-time low, so one Sim more won't harm :-) Now that she has such a good relationship with Ripp, I let her move in. She adds a modest 1.000 Simoleons to the Grunts' account, and has a few items in her inventory, which I let her keep. Although she's been working in a different career, her lifetime want is to become Chief of Staff. Her aspiration is Knowledge. So far, she has no 3-bolter in her relationship panel. I make her look for her own place immediately and will decide later on whether or not to make her move in with her "relatives", the Harts.

So far, there is one lady who has firmly resisted Ripp's charms: Goneril Capp.
Strangely enough, though, relationship points are at nearly 100, and so Ripp decides to try once again.

Before he can do anything further, though, Mr. Reaper appears for the second time this week. It is Boogie's turn first...
...followed by Kobe shortly afterwards. Both pets were in their 30s and have had very good lives with the Grunts. Their tombstones are moved to Gamesend Grounds.
Back to Goneril and Ripp.
She does not want to be hugged or goosed or held hands with...
...and she most definitely does not want to cuddle on the settee with Ripp, either.
However, after he has successfully handed her a red rose and smooth-talked to her...
...she decides to flirt with him on her own accord! (I did not influence this - she was a visitor at that moment, and could not be controlled by me.)

Still, when he tries to kiss her, Goneril pushes Ripp away again.

It is already past 8.00 in the evening when Ripp calls the Matchmaker.

He buys a bottle of love potion from her. "If this won't work on The Ice Queen, nothing will," he thinks.
And the Ice Queen melts!
Finally, a kiss!

But before Ripp has a chance to turn this kiss into something more, Georgia Newson comes storming out of the house and slaps him round the face. This is really strange - up until this afternoon, Ripp and Georgia had not even known each other, let alone have a history. But something must have rubbed Georgia the wrong way, as I saw her starting a shouting match with Buzz shortly before this scene here on the porch.

Speaking of Buzz, he has turned 81 today, and I doubt he will live long into the next round. As far as Ripp is concerned, I hope for him to reach his LTW during the first few hours of the next round (which is still a long time off).
Who will he settle with then? Heather or Hailey, or someone else?


  1. Maybe Georgia has seen him kiss another person and thought he needed a good slapping. or maybe she was still angry with Buzz and thought Ripp needed a telling off too. I think Hailey would be great but the romance sims always seem to have quite a few 3 bolter's

    1. Yes, that's true; some Sims get 5 or more three-bolters, while others never find "The One". Just like real life, eh .-)
      Maybe Georgia thought it highly inappropriate that Ripp was trying to seduce a married woman!

  2. Welcome back :)
    What a great round. It seems fitting that Ripp has never worked a day in his life, he must be tired poor thing what with number 19 under his belt this round. :D
    I've always liked General Buzz too and it's great to see all the family getting together. Shame the pets went but they had good long lives.

    1. Thank you :-)
      Yes, I simply can't see Ripp holding a regular job...! He grumbles every time I make him do some housework, but he knows a dirty bathroom and messy bedroom will put off the ladies. Also, he does love his Dad and does not want to leave all the work to him.
      It is always a bit sad when a pet goes, but as you say, they usually have good long lives in the game.

    2. Bravo! you know, I think I will go back as far as your stories allow and start reading. I really look forward to your latest installment.Is Georgia still a teen? she looks so young.I almost want to do a cc free cheat free uberhood but I just - Im a cc junkie now and cant turn back : ) Oh after he gets his 20, will he settle down? he'll be perma plat young... will you stop directing him? This is so gooood! I cant wait to start

    3. Yes, once the 20 names are on his list, I will stop directing Ripp. The decision whom to settle him with (Heather, Hailey or someone else entirely) will still be taken; if there are no specific wishes, I'll decide for them :-)
      Georgia is an adult now, but you are right, she has such a pretty little girl's face, doesn't she! All the Newsons have exceptionally good faces, I think.

    4. I like Heather based on this story, but Im going to do some reasearch to see about Hailey...Ive never played the Grunts so I didnt know about Ripp. In my mind hes still a teen :) I geuss we all have to grow up sometime aand YES Georgia has a very pretty face I agree ( I was going to say as an adult, but all stages really) I love the Newsons. In my games, whenever there is a big family I try to make them close knit I love dinner table conversations... but I digeress

    5. Well, Heather was his first love, and who knows - maybe that counts for something :-)
      Hailey was not Maxis-made but born in-game. Her human father is Matthew Hart (one of the original Maxis-made playable students), and her alien father is of course the same Pollination Technician who has fathered about 20 other children in the 'hood.
      I love the big family meals, too! It is so nice watching them and listening to them, even if it is all in Simlish :-)

  3. in my game Brandi broke and general buzz are due to get married,ripp I think has 3 bolts with Angela pleasant and tank is with Tybalt capp

    1. Tank and Tybalt? Sounds nice, somehow!
      In my game, Ripp has 3 bolts for many ladies :-)

  4. hmm it feels strange how rip is a teen when the game starts and he's still a adult but beau broke was a toddler when the game started and he's an elder

    also does rip father Nigel Nellie and nelson Newson only? or fathers more?

    1. Yes, sometimes my way of playing households in the alphabetical order of ALL their surnames makes for different ageing of siblings.
      I honestly can not remember how many children Ripp has, and who they are. But I don't think there are many, since he mostly woohooed at his own home where he never "tries for Baby".


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