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Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Greenman Family: Week 6

Klick here if you want to read Week 5.

This, the only inhabited greenhouse of New Maximiliania, belongs of course to the Greenman family. Here, the original Greenmans still live in their original house:
Jason, 68 years old and on Permanent Platinum ever since he became Game Designer at 55...
and his wife Rose, 66 and New Maximiliania's first and only original PlantSim.
For most of her life, Rose dreamt of marrying off six children. She was doing well with three already under her belt: Daisy (the original plantbaby she had at the start of the game) married Gilbert Jacquet, Lavender took Geoff Rutherford as her husband, and Gary tied the knot with Jessica Picaso.

Then, inexplicably, Rose's lifetime want changed - she now wants to become World Class Ballet Dancer, something completely out of her reach at her age.
The Greenmans are not alone in the house: their son (actually, just Rose's son) Gordon is here, too. Gordon is aspiring to become The Law and currently works as a Family Law Attorney.
On Monday, Rose greets passer-by Christopher Capp while the Gypsy Lady is approaching the house. This time, though, she has not come to leave a magic lamp, but because Rose has ordered something from her.
It is - you've guessed it - the substance a Sim needs to revert from being a Plantsim to a fully "human" Sim.
This is Rose as a human. She's rather attractive, I think! Because she's been used to her plant clothes, she may keep them, at least for now.
Jason comes home from work and is, just like during the previous round, accompanied by colleague Tammy, who was made a vampire a long time ago while I was playing a community lot. Of course, Tammy flees the sun as soon as she gets off the car.
Tuesday morning, Rose decides she wants to play the violin.
Later, she offers her son Gordon to turn into a human, too. Gordon accepts...
...and soon looks like this. Not bad, is he!
For most of the time, I do not control Jason, but he does his share of house work without anyone telling him.
Gordon now needs a bed to sleep in, and the room that once belonged to his twin sisters (who tragically died in a fire during the previous round) is made over to suit him.
Rose is happy to harvest the orange tree.
It is still Tuesday, when Gordon comes home with a promotion to International Corporate Lawyer.
On Wednesday, Cherry Capp walks by. Rose is happy to meet someone who knows what it's like to be different, and the ladies have a slice of delicious berry pie on the balcony.
For breakfast on Wednesday morning, Gordon chooses fresh orange juice. There is nothing like having your own produce to eat and drink!
Jason opts for a slice of yesterday's berry pie.
On Thursday, Gordon meets and greets Parvati Patel.
Rose has been gardening all day in the hot summer sun - which was very good for her while she was still a Plantsim. Now that she is entirely human, she suffers a heat stroke.
But don't worry, she recovered on her own shortly after this picture was taken.
Still, Jason is a bit worried, and stays close to his wife even though he wakes up hours before her on Friday morning.
Father and son at breakfast.
Rose loves the summer! Who doesn't? :-)
Georgia Newson interrupts her run when Gordon greets her.
Good job she has been wearing her bikini underneath the track suit!
Later, Castanea Landgraab (nee Capp) is invited to join them.
On Saturday morning, it is once again Jason who cleans up last night's dishes.
Rose has asked her children Gary (left) and Daisy (green top) over, as well as their families. Gary's wife Jessica and their daughter Glenda like the Greenman house; it is so much more spacious than their own "shoebox"!
Gordon comes home with a promotion to Entertainment Attorney.
In the back, you can see Lavender and Geoff Greenman with Daisy's adoptive daughter Jacqueline Jacquet (her husband Gilbert, Jacqueline's father, died long ago).
"Hello, Auntie Lavender, Uncle Geoff Hi, Jacqueline!" - "Hello, Gordon!"
Sunday starts with Jason writing down all that has gone on during the week.
Gordon takes advantage of the day off to brush up on his skills; he needs quite a few for his next promotion. Autumn has set in, and he has dressed accordingly.
It is still warm and sunny enough for the garden to thrive, though. Jason makes his Gold Gardening Badge. He is now 75.
Rose, now 73, greets Carolina Capp.

The end of a week that, thanks to two Plantsims turned human, wasn't as boring as I feared. The garden keeps them all busy, of course, as do their friendships and family relationships.

How long until Gordon will become The Law? Is he ever going to meet a lady to love? Are his parents still going to be around for many years?


  1. It depends on whether anything happens to them, but you never know how long a sim will live for. Maybe being a plantsim all that nature might make you live longer. Any 3 bolts for Gordon?

    1. No 3 bolts for Gordon... he is very good friends with Jacqueline Jacquet, though, and they have 2 bolts for each other. She is not biologically related to him although her "adoptive" mother, Daisy, is Gordon's big sister... So far, no romantic wants from Gordon's side.
      By the looks of their respective lifetime bars, Rose could live somewhat longer than Jason, not only because she is 2 years younger than he, but also because there seems to be more time left on her bar than on his. We'll see!

  2. I've always liked the Greenman family and their unusual home. Rose does look lovely as a human.
    Summer is a time when they can have some fun outdoors and their house is set up nicely for that.
    Definitely not a boring round at all, lots of visitors and plenty going on with Gordon working his way to becoming The Law and Jason entertaining us with his funny ways.

    1. Yes, it is very much a "summer home", you are right!
      Apart from Gordon's room, I have hardly changed anything from the original, just added a few things such as the desk with the computer and some deco on the walls (family photographs and the like).

  3. Perhaps you've answered this in past blogs, but what makes you decide to turn Plantsims human?

    1. I have not set up a rule for that. But I must admit playing a PlantSim loses its novelty rather quickly, and after a while, I much prefer playing Sims that sleep and eat :-)
      Also, sometimes it is difficult to keep a PlantSim's needs all green while they are at work. And, last but not least, there is a good portion of curiosity on my part - I want to find out what they look like as humans.

  4. In my uber megahood. Mortimer goth and rose green an have three bolts! I might get them two to have a baby together Jason has no three bolt loves yet but he'll keep searching!

    1. I am not sure Rose and Mortimer ever met when Mortimer was still alive, it was all so Long ago!


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