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Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Gavigan Twins' Freshman Year

New Maximiliania's population has shrunk so much during the last and this round that there are only a handful students here. This dorm at Sim State Uni has 8 rooms, but some of them have been taken over by NPC students, since there aren't enough playable students to fill them all. How different was the situation before!
Our newcomers for this round are Gesine and Gerlinde Gavigan, whose family we have just spent a Sim-week with. Who are the students already living here?
Deirdre Dreamer, a Sophomore...
...Nigel Newson, in his Senior year...
...Ramon Ramirez, another Senior...
...and Sirius Swain (pictured here with two of the resident NPC students), the only Junior this round.
For the first time since the beginning of New Maximiliania, all my playable students were born in-game. Most of the original young adult students are elders now, some have even died of old age.
The first thing Gesine does after having claimed a room on the top floor next to her sister is getting on the workout machine.
Gerlinde is more sociably minded and starts getting to know her fellow residents in the common room.
Sometimes, the girls seem a bit at a loss with what to do; they have led such busy lives back home, with school, household duties and helping their parents at the gallery. So far, they have not made friends with any of the other students.
This young man certainly would like to be friendly with either girl, but the look of shock on Gerlinde's and the expression of total disinterest on Gesine's face speak volumes!
On their second day at uni, Gerlinde rolls Physics as her preferred major.
Gesine wants to focus on Biology.
Just as Deirdre and Gerlinde have a chat about arts and crafts, Nigel returns from his final exam. He has just graduated, but strangely, the game does only say "graduated" and gives his average (3.6) without adding "cum laude" or "summa cum laude" or similar.
Nigel's guests at his graduation party include, of course, Ginger Newson and her children, Nelson and Nellie.
As it happens often with parties, the guests soon split up in groups. One group chooses Gesine's room as their hang-out.
Nigel leaves campus for good. We will meet him again later on during this round.
You already know my policy of playing student households: As soon as a student has acquired the necessary skills and written their term paper, I do not control them anymore. The one exception is that I have each of them make at least one phone call each day to a friend or family member back in the main hood, in order to maintain their existing relationships.Now that Gesine is left pretty much to her own devices, she proves her good upbringing and can often be seen cleaning.
One day, she has overdone it with the working out and is so tired that she doesn't make it to her room. Instead, she passes out on the floor in front of Deirdre's room. But don't worry, I woke her up after a while and sent her to bed.
The coach makes her appearance and orders Deirdre (who is indeed very unfit) to work out.
Gerlinde and Gesine finish their first semester and return from their exams at the same time as Deirdre.
Ramon Ramirez is a neat freak and is always busy cleaning, when he has nothing better to do.
I don't think I've shown you yet which rooms the Gavigan girls chose. This is Gesine's room...
...and this is Gerlinde's, just next door.
One morning, the dorm cook sets fire not to the stove but to himself. Good job there are sprinklers at the ceiling!
The dorm has many possibilities for having fun - a huge TV, chess board, computers, stereo (to name but a few), but Sirius sometimes prefers playing in the bath tub above all else.
Ramon has been carrying around some excess weight for most of the year and finally decides (on his own accord!) to do something about it. His reward is obvious :-)
Gerlinde and Gesine rarely manage to have their meals together, but if they do, they are always happy to talk about life at university.
Ramon has graduated and invites friends and family over. Here are Perseida Powers and Martina Martin... well as his mother, Lisa Ramirez, and older sister Tessa. Sorry - I should know who the Alien girl is, but can't remember her name right now!
The party is a good occasion for Tessa to return to campus for a few hours. She really enjoyed her college years.
Ramon leaves for New Maximiliania, where the next chapter of his life is waiting for him.
The Gavigan twins have successfully completed their Freshman Year.
Who is going to move to the dorm next? Is there ever going to be a time again when I'll have eight playables fill the dorm?


  1. well if you won't let your sims have babies unless it is for the ltw or alien babies, they is going to be less of them. But that is up to you to decide has it is your game. I just love babies and have loads. I do have ACR and the moment they seem to move into together they try for a baby, and always seem to succeed.

    1. My long-long-long term plan for New Maximiliania was this from the start: To see how the family trees would narrow down, which family would survive the longest, and eventually (after centuries of playing, LOL) the 'hood would be empty when the last Sim died...

  2. maybe unless you end up with a hood with just aliens, or the ltw of six children or six grandchildren. it will def take you centuries for the them to all die out lol.

    1. The Aliens-Only 'hood could indeed happen!

  3. Another really interesting trip to college. I love to see how other people play college and the Gavigan twins had a good semester along with their fellow dormies.
    I think it's a good strategy to play a Megahood the way you are intending otherwise there would be far too many sims. It's fascinating to see which family names will prevail and which will falter!

    1. I find it fascinating, too. Quite a few names have already died out, while some families are spreading all over the 'hood, such as the Capps.


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