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Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Gavigan Family: Week 6

[I am still unsure about the week count for this family - somehow it seems like I am one week "short" with them. See their previous week to know what I mean.]

Welcome to the 6th week at the Gavigans'. They still live where I have put them when I set up New Maximiliania, in this Maxis-made house.
Mary and Nathan are both 60 now. They have been happily married for a long time and raised a son, Isaiah, and twin daughters, Gerlinde and Gesine, together. Isaiah has married into the Capp clan, and not that long ago, Mary and Nathan became grandparents. The twin sisters are much younger and still live at home.
Nathan wants to have 5 top level businesses. His first one, "Gavigan's Game", was a home business: Sims were invited to play the ax-throwing game in the yard without needing to access the house. That business has reached rank 10 a while ago, and is now shut down in order that the Gavigans can fully focus on their current project, "Gavigan's Gallery".
Here it is. This Maxis-made community lot is originally called "Von Dough Gallery", but Nathan renamed it. It is rank 7 when husband and wife arrive on this Monday, although I am 100 % sure it was already on rank 8 when they left it at the end of last round.
Never mind. The gallery soon is at rank 8 again, and Nathan and Mary can afford to take a short break over lunch, during which they eat hot dogs.
Back home, Gesine (left) and Gerlinde (right) have returned from school and do their homework while their parents are still working at the gallery.
Gunther Goth (left) stepped off the school bus with them. Carl Capp happened to walk by later and was greeted by Gerlinde.
She finds out that she really, really, REALLY likes Gunther Goth - he is her 3-bolt-boy!
On Tuesday, Mary finally makes her Gold Cash Register Badge by ringing up Klara Williams' purchase at the gallery. This will make things so much easier!
The girls are once again on their own after school. But they are sensible kids and first do their homework before starting anything else. Gesine then does a spot of cleaning while her sister is on the phone with Gunther Goth.
Nathan and Mary have come home for a short rest, and the girls sit down with their father for a while, before all four of them go back to the gallery for the evening shift.
Nathan then makes his Gold Restocking Badge...
...and Gesine her Silver Sales Badge, making a sale to Melody Tinker.
Wednesday morning sees Nathan trimming the hedge in front of the house before he and Mary head off to the gallery for the day shift.
The girls join their parents after school and homework at the gallery again. Just as Gesine is selling a picture to Jared Starchild, the business reaches rank 9.
Most of the restocking has been done by Nathan so far, but Mary puts in an effort today and makes her Bronze Badge.
When they wake up on Thursday morning, both Nathan and Mary wish for a green energy source. Since they have more money than they know what to do with, I decided to cover their entire roof with solar panels. For the rest of the week, no bills were delivered - they generated more power than what their household consumed.
Nathan now has a Silver Cash Register Badge. Phew!
After the morning shift, the Gavigans all have a meal of chili con carne together. Gesine tells their parents that the sisters want to go to college together. They both rolled the want early on in the week, and it never went away.
During the evening shift, Gavigan's Gallery reaches rank 10 - that is 2 out of 5 for Nathan.
Just as Thursday night slips into Friday morning, a burglar appears.
Funnily enough, only the girls wake up to watch the fight (the officer wins) - Nathan and Mary never wake up, in spite of the burglar alarm going off at full blast.
It is the day when Nathan and Mary have to say good-bye to their daughters - the girls are on their way to college.
"Our little girls have grown up... I can't believe the years have gone by so quickly..." Nathan sighs over breakfast with his wife. It seems they have not yet fully accepted that Gesine and Gerlinde are gone - the table is still laid for four.
Later, Nathan registers another business: Gavigan's Garments. It is his second home business and his third business altogether.
An annex is built to house "Gavigan's Garments".
All week, Nathan, Mary and the girls have spent every spare minute at the sewing machine and are now ready to sell what they have produced.
I intended to put up the clothes racks that you see in the shops, but they weren't available - I didn't know (or at least couldn't remember) that you can't use them on a home lot, only on community lots. The shelves near the door are just deco, but they make it look more like a clothes shop, don't they.
Alexander Goth is the first customer at "Gavigan's Garments".
While Mary works at the shop, Nathan makes his Bronze Sewing Badge (the outfits for sale at the shop were sewn by his daughters).
On Saturday morning, the couple have breakfast together and talk about the price policy for their shop.
"Gavigan's Garments" reaches rank 3 when Mary makes a sale to Jennifer Burb.
Meanwhile, Nathan has been sewing away so diligently that he already gets his Silver Badge.
It is Sunday, which does not mean a day of rest for the busy Gavigans. The shop is now at rank 4.
Mary has just made her Silver Badge for Restocking. Since Nathan can not sew as fast as the outfits and curtains are sold, ready-made curtains are offered for sale in the meantime.
The week ends with the shop at rank 5. The Gavigans are now 67 years old. Will Nathan live long enough to see this business to the top, and then two more?
How are the girls getting on at college? And what about Mary's lifetime want of having six grandchildren? (So far, she has only one: Caleb, from Isaiah and his wife Ariel Capp.)

Next up will be Gesine and Gerlindes's Freshman Year.


  1. I really like the idea of your latest business! I didn't know you could sell home made products from the sewing machine. It must take a while but it's really original and fun when you go to other sims' homes to see what they purchased too! A great round. :)

    1. Yes, and I was glad to see that those Sims who bought the home made outfits were all playables - it would have been a bit of a shame to have them go to townies who will never wear them... :-)

  2. I don't think you can get the clothes rack for a home business lot only downtown lot as it we could for a home business lot we wouldn't go down town for clothes we could just get them off the rack. lol. You never know how long a sims are going to live for Nathan might get his five home business.

    1. That's a point, peachy - I just never thought of that!
      And you are right, of course; Nathan could still make it. He'd be the first in my game!


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