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Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Bubbler-Thomas Household: Week 8

For week 7, simply click on either of the labels "Bubbler" or "Thomas".

The two buildings to the right here belong to Ty Bubbler and Sam Thomas. They have been together since they first met and fell in love at university. While Sam made her lifetime want of becoming general true a "week" before reaching elderhood, Ty is still working on his LTW of having 5 top-level businesses.
So far, the businesses have always been run from the home lot: the larger building is where Sam and Ty live, while the smaller house has first been a shop for wedding cakes and champagne ("Bubbler's Bubbly"), then a place where they sold bubble blowers ("Bubbler's Bubbels"), then a flower shop ("Bubbler's Blossoms") and right now, it is "Bubbler's Bakery".
Here they are: Sam and Ty. As much in love as always, Ty knows very well that he would not be where he is today - with 4 top-level businesses under his belt - without Sam's help. The moment she reached her LTW, she retired from the military and put all her time and energy into helping Ty's businesses. He often rewards her with a tender backrub when her shoulders are tense from all the mixing up batter for more cakes to sell at the bakery.
Ty and Sam are both 74 at the beginning of this week.
Baking enough cakes to keep the bakery running is a huge challenge, and more often than not, the bakery is sold out moments after a full batch has been put up for sale. Therefore, on this Monday, I try a different approach:
I have Sam order Chinese food and pizza at the same time, hoping to sell this at the bakery for a change.
It does not work, however; delivered food can not be placed on the "for sale" displays (or at least I wasn't able to figure it out).

So I decide it is Crêpes Suzette Day today.

Ty is busy selling, while Sam is busy making more crêpes. This gets the bakery to level 8.
On Tuesday morning, the first thing Sam does after getting up and dressed is to accept the daily groceries delivery.
Thomas makes breakfast for the two of them while their cleaner is already at work.
More crêpes are sold today.
Wednesday is declared Baked Alaska Day.
It doesn't look like it in this picture, but the baked alaska is actually a big hit with customers.
The pizza that was ordered on Monday and could not be sold is now placed upstairs on the counter in the café. Charlie Cho helps himself to a free slice.
[More supplies are needed to do more baking, and Ty duly places his daily order.
Winter has ended, the Christmas decoration is taken down and some flowers are put on the walls instead. Cheese cake replaces the baked alaskas.
After the pizza has all been eaten by customers, Chinese food is put on the counter for them. Here, Jennifer Burb is thinking about joining Parvati Patel and Jessica Peterson at the table.
Thursday morning, Ty has a left-over slice of pizza for breakfast.
More cheese cake is sold today, and the bakery reaches level 9.

I try yet another idea and put up shelves full of birthday cakes. It works, but the cakes sometimes go off, which makes the environment bar drop.
On Friday morning, Sam changes into a more spring-like outfit with a flowery print while Ty is still asleep.
At 6:15 pm that day, the bakery reaches level 10! That's four top-level businesses for Ty. He is now 79 years old, and it does not look as if he will have enough time left to bring yet another business to the top. But he is going to try.
To give him a fair chance at making his LTW come true, I decide he will have a community lot business this time. That means he can go back and forth while time on the home lot does not pass as quickly; maybe it'll work.
Saturday morning sees a taxi pulling up in front of the so-far empty "Contempo Moderne", a Maxis-made community lot where I have not yet played (I think).
After a few changes, Ty and Sam are ready to open.
Welcome to "Bubbler's Beds"!
Customers start to come in right from the start.
The first Simoleons taken in with the new shop! Always a great moment in the life of a business owner.
After they have managed to get "Bubbler's Beds" to level 3, Sam and Ty are exhausted and head home for some sleep. Meanwhile, their gardener is busy outside.
Back at the shop (still on Saturday), Sam grabs a quick slice of pizza before she is back to the usual round of selling, restocking and manning the till, taking turns with Ty in all these activities.
After several hours of hard work and just 1 star short of level 4, the couple has to go home for the second time that day.
The moment they get off the taxi, someone wearing a hooded cloak and carrying a scythe approaches Ty.
He dies at the age of 80, witnessed by Sam, his (almost) life-long sweetheard and faithful companion, in spite of the two of them never having tied the knot officially (they just never showed the wish).
Although Ty was not on Permanent Platinum, his having made so many of his daily wishes come true means he still gets the PP "treatment" with cocktail and hula girls, and a marble headstone, which is of course transferred to the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.
Sam is devastated, venting her frustration and grief by kicking about in the puddles.
She does not go home and to bed, as she should, but has coffee in the café instead, where she feels closer to Ty.
She even sleeps for several hours in the armchair that was his preferred place to grab some minutes of rest between customers.
On Sunday, Sam has a bowl of chili con carne for lunch. She misses her best friend and lover very much.
The week ends with a visit from Jared Starchild, who is one of Sam's best friends, and former fellow student.

Sam is now 81 and will probably not last long into the next week. But it will take some time before the letter "T" as in "Thomas" comes up this round, and who knows what will happen in between!


  1. oh that is so sad that he didn't reach his life time want, and Sam looks ever so sad, and lonely. Maybe she might find someone to love for a few days before her time is up.
    As you say we have a long way to the T's

    1. Sam has three three-bolt-men in her relationship panel (Ty was "only" a two-bolter for her, but she really loved him). All three are married, though, so I don't think any of them will invite her for more than a friendly chat when I'll be playing their households. But then again, never say never!

  2. well maybe she can just find a room mate to keep company instead of a lover/or husband.

    1. I still have the idea of a "Home for the Elderly" in mind, where I could put up to 8 of my elderly Sims (single or not) to live together, but so far I have not found the right house, and I am not going to purpose-build one, as that would be against everything that I have done so far with New Maximiliania.

  3. What a shame Ty never made 5 top businesses. Still 4 was amazing and I love all the ideas you had for them. A Bakery is the hardest I think but I like that you came up with different things to sell, i.e the birthday cakes.
    I usually place an energizer on my community owned lots so I don't have to keep sending Sims back and forth.
    Ty certainly had a nice long life and Sam is still going, like you say it may only be for a short time next time you come to her but I'm sure we'll see her a lot up until then! :)

    1. To use the energizer was tempting, but I decided against it; normally, the only aspiration rewards object I use in New Max is the thinking cap. I was hoping he'd make it, too - he would have been the first Sim ever in my game to reach that goal!

  4. Aw, poor Sam! So sad to see her sitting in that cafe without Ty. :(

    In a very old hood, I had Ty and Sam fall in love too. Then I ended up accidentally deleting them from the family bin and I was so sad! It was nice to see they ended up happy together in someone else's game.

    1. Nice to know they fell in love in another 'hood, too! Were they three-bolters in yours?


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