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Monday, 6 April 2015

The Biggs Family: Week 9

For week 8 at this household, simply click on the "Biggs" label at the top of the page.

This large mansion-style house houses only two pets and two Sims at the moment.
There is Ollie, the bird...
...and his human caretakers Marla Biggs...
...with her husband Martin Biggs, formerly Ruben. Martin's brother Joshua, a few years older than he, died last round. Marla and Martin are both 75. They have been on Permanent Platinum for a long time, and have been in love with each other since they first met at university. Their three-boltness meant they were "destined" to stay together, although neither of them expressed the wish to get married until they both turned into elders.The fourth household member is Stanley the womrat; you will see Stanley later.
It is Monday, and last weeks' bills are still in the mail box. Normally, I don't mind the Repo Man turning up at those households where I do not control such actions, but somehow I don't feel like watching the same old scenario already again, so soon after there was such a visit only at my last household. Therefore, I have Martin pay the bills.
Apart from that, he can do what he likes. Often, that means looking at the portrait in the hall, showing himself as a young man, and thinking about his uni days.
There is Stanley. Like during their previous week, Marla and Martin regularly roll wants about playing with Stanley or Ollie, and occasionally even about cleaning their cages.
On Tuesday, Marla feels anything but well when she gets up. A hot bath did not bring the desired effect.
The love of her husband helps, though, and Marla goes to work soon after Martin has left, too.
While they are both out, lightning strikes one of the lamps in front of the house. The rain quickly puts out the fire; besides, there was only a townie walking by to witness it.
After work, Cedric Cooke (Julien Cooke's son) comes home with Martin, like he did before.
On Wednesday morning, Martin spends some time writing his diary in front of the fire downstairs.
The couple are nearly always together when at home. Even when one of them sleeps, the other is near, like here early on Thursday.
They interact with each other constantly.
Sometimes they neglect their other needs, keeping each other from going to bed or to the bathroom by their constant flirting, kissing and hugging. Here, they both realize how tired they actually are at the same time :-)
When Marla returns from work that day, she finds someone expected her. Not the welcome committee she would have liked, but there you go. She dies on PP at 79.
Poor Martin! He is now on his own in that big house. For the first night, he can not face sleeping in the bed he shared with Marla, and chooses his brother's former room instead.
He has recovered far enough on Friday morning to take a bath.
After that, he even takes care of some household chores, such as recycling some of the old newspapers that have been accumulating in the yard.
Jill Indie, nee Smith and widow of Mitch Indie, walks by and is greeted by Martin. He discovers that he has 3 bolts for her. That's a surprise - but maybe not; Martin has 3 bolts for many ladies, although there was always ever only Marla for him.
Maybe Jill sees a chance here of ending her widowhood? Jill, this man is 80 - you'll just end up a widow very soon again!
On Saturday morning, Martin thinks of how Marla used to sit on the settee next to him, where there is now just an empty space.
He goes out to greet Jason Larson who happens to walk by.
If it weren't for Ollie and Stanley, Martin would be terribly lonely.
By Sunday, Martin has been sleeping in the marital bed again, but he never stays asleep until he is fully rested; he usually gets up about half way before his energy bar is full.
The warmth of the dining room fireplace is very welcome on this cold morning.
Later, a friend rings, and Martin has a pleasant conversation.
Just as he is looking at his old portrait again, the Grim Reaper is back. Martin was 82 when he died. Both his and Marla's tombstone are in the back garden behind the house.
Mr. Reaper just stays long enough to use the bathroom. I am sure he'll be needed elsewhere in New Max - so many of those Sims who originally were adults (or young adults) when the game began are now nearing the end of their "natural" lives.

Martin and Marla's lifetime bars looked the same, and I expected them to die on the same day. I really did not think Martin would last all week. I don't know what happens to Ollie and Stanley now; they are not pets like cats and dogs, who would be picked up by the pet adoption service. So maybe if someone else moves into the house, they will find a bird and a womrat waiting for them.


  1. i think the pets just disappear, not 100 percent sure on that though. I thought they where going to die by fire when i saw the fire place going. Glad they just died of natural causes.

    1. There was nobody home when that fire happened, and the rain put it out very quickly. But yes, when it happened, I thought "oh no..." :-)
      I really should have someone move into that house soon, to find out what really happens to this type of pets.

  2. It was nice to follow Marla & Martin through young adulthood up to their demise. They had a nice life in that big ol' house. I remember one time I played Martin he had an elf-eared son and I never figured out why until Martin became an elder. :D

    1. So Martin has the elf ears, too? His hairstyle meant I could not see the tops of his ears, and automatically I always assumed his were normal - even though I saw his brother's ears. Stupid me :-)
      Yes, Marla and Martin had a good life together.


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