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Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Sims 4 - Johnny Zest: Week 1

This trailer-like house belongs to Johnny Zest. Or, as the game says, Zest Johnny. (How daft - couldn't they have been paying a bit more attention when they put his name the wrong way round?)

Here is Johnny, an aspiring Joke Star and currently working as an Open Mic Seeker. You guessed it - he is a Young Adult like nearly everyone else out of the pool of playables. How is he going to fare during his first week?

On Monday morning, he meets the Landgraabs.

After Geoffrey has left, Dennis Kim and Vivian Lewis join the conversation.

Katrina Caliente, Eliza Pancakes, Summer Holiday and Don Lothario are the playables he meets in the afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, Johnny makes himself scrambled eggs for breakfast. You can tell he is not the most experienced of cooks yet!

Again, he meets Katrina Caliente. She looks rather down today.

Johnny cheers her up in no time.

Three of the playables he met yesterday are part of his "conversation group" again: Eliza Pancakes, Nancy Landgraab and Don Lothario.

On Wednesday morning, Johnny practises the guitar for the first time.

Dennis Kim has just stopped for a chat with Johnny when Giulianna Riley walks by.

Later,  Don Lothario comes over, and the two young men have much fan dancing to the music from the stereo.

Johnny starts Thursday morning by writing jokes at his newly acquired computer.

Later, he first talks to Vivian Lewis for a while...

...and then to Vivian's youngest granddaughter, Ophelia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, and Alexander Goth.

It is Friday, and the Landgraabs are back to spend some time with Johnny.

Here's one of the few playables he has not met until now: Zoe Patel from the Roomies household.

That night, Johnny returns from work totally knackered - but happy: He has been promoted to C-Lister.

On Saturday, Giulianna Riley, Ophelia Spencer-Kum-Lewis and her granddad, Dennis Kim, come visiting.

Every day is very similar; Johnny talks to every playable he can get hold of, has his meals, takes care of his personal hygiene needs and goes to work.
Sunday is no exception.
The week ends with another visit from Don Lothario, who has just gotten himself a mug of coffee from Johnny's coffee machine on his own initiative. What does that look on his face mean, I wonder? Is the coffee not good, or did one of Johnny's jokes not go down so well?

We've made it - I've played one Sim-week in every playable household in TS4! Thank you for having stayed with me so patiently. I do hope you've enjoyed this first round.
Hopefully, I will have news from New Maximiliania for you soon!


  1. i have enjoyed the first round, will u be playing a round 2 after you have played a round of new max?

    1. Yes, that's the plan :-)
      I have just opened TS2 and tried to bulldoze the "bugged" lots in New Maximiliania... the first one was no problem, the second one made the game freeze, and this has happened twice now after restarting the game :-(

  2. oh dear, that not good. Hope you have saved your game on an external hard drive in case everything goes wrong hope not. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    1. It's backed up on a USB stick, but I'm afraid that already contains the bugged lots. Twoyysforme was so kind and sent me the LotDebugger, I have yet to try that, maybe I'll get round to it tonight.

  3. Johnny Zest looks like a fun Sim to play. After I've played round 10 in Pleasantview I might get a round in TS4 in like you have. :)

    I am currently playing the Terrano house and I've had a few crashes, as well as with the Burbs, the lot before that.

    I just think much as we love it TS2 wasn't built for generational play that well. But I will just save much more often. :)

    Hope you get New Max up and running again soon so we can enjoy your updates.

    1. I hope so, too!
      Yes, Johnny was fun, he had much free time to socialize and really used that well.
      I'd love to see what you do with the TS4 playables!


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