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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Aspir Family: Week 6

Round 6 begins with the first surname on the alphabetical list of Maxis-made families: The Aspirs. They are just where and as we left them at the end of their fifth week. Well, almost. Something has changed:
Pauline, who was well on her way to reach her lifetime want of becoming Hall of Famer, now wants to be Chief of Staff.
Therefore, the first thing I have her do is to look for a job in the Medical career. She is not lucky on this Monday, though.
Her mother, Elizabeth, is 68 and has been on Permanent Platinum ever since she earned 100.000 Simoleons five "years" ago.
Pauline's father and Elizabeth's husband, Victor, is one "year" younger at 67. He, too, has been on Permanent Platinum for a while: He became Education Minister when he was 59.
Later that Monday, Elizabeth is back on her former job as CEO. Last round, she was demoted to President when she took the wrong decision with a chance card.
The round is off to a firey start when on Monday night, lightning strikes one of the trees in the Aspir's back garden and sets it on fire. However, the rain quickly puts out the flames, and the only consequence is that Pauline needs a bath. She has, by the way, just made her Bronze Sewing Badge.
Tuesday morning, we find Victor and Elizabeth sharing a joke.
You know my policy of not controlling my PermaPlat Sims except for having them greet fellow New Maximilianians as they walk by. Some Sims are better than others at taking care of their personal needs, or their households. Victor is one of the better ones. Here, you can see him clearing up old newspapers on his own accord.
He also does the gardening without me telling him to.
When Pauline returns from work, Castanea Landgraab comes visiting...
...followed by Paola Picaso. Is it just me or has Paola put on some weight since we last saw her?
Maybe she has developed an eating disorder... she heads straight to the converted garage where Luis Aspir used to live, and eats the smelly leftovers nobody remembered to clean up from last week.
On Wednesday, Pauline makes her Silver Sewing Badge. Other things happening that day are a visit from Prezioso Picaso and Tina Traveller...
...and Corydal Capp coming home from work with Victor, who looks not very happy here. I wonder what happened at the Ministry today to warrant such an angry face!
Since Pauline is the only household member fully controlled by me, it is she who has to deal with broken appliances such as the toilet. Of course I could have her ring the repair service, but mechanical skill will come in useful at the new job she will hopefully find before the week is over.
The next morning, Thursday, it's the bath tub that needs repairing. It's a bit like real life, isn't it - one thing at home breaks, others follow.
Bottom Summerdream, a friend of Pauline's, pays her a visit later that day.
The two young women have lunch meat sandwiches and talk about work. "You know, I don't actually want to be promoted in my athletic career anymore; I really want to start working my way up in the medical field," Pauline tells her friend.
At 6.00 pm, just as Elizabeth stops to look at the portrait of her daughter as a teenager, someone  suddenly gets between her and the painting.
She dies at the age of 71/72, after a good, long life filled with work, a happy marriage and family life.

Victor is devastated.
Pauline misses her mother a lot, too. Friday morning, she sits at the sewing machine and thinks of how her Mom used to teach her how to make potholders.
On Saturday, Pauline finally manages to grab a job as Nurse. Hardly surprising, she is promoted to Intern on her very first day, and heads back to work straight away, hoping for another promotion.
Just before she comes home from her second time round, Victor dies at 72/73.
Pauline, who has just returned with indeed yet another promotion (she is now a Resident), is looking forward to her dinner and has not yet realized that her father is gone now, too.
But when it hits her, it hits her hard.
Autumn has just started on Sunday. Pauline, now in an outfit better suited for the lower temperatures, does some gardening - now that her Dad is not there anymore to do it.

She is grateful to have work to distract her. When a chance card pops up, she takes the right decision and is promoted to GP.

How many more days until she will reach her LTW? Or is it going to change again next round?
Will Pauline stay all on her own in the rather big house, or is someone going to move in with her? (All week, she has not rolled one single want about her sweetheart from last round.)


  1. I was just about to say what about her sweet beloved the Baldwin boy. How was it playing sims 2 after the sims 4,? Yeah some of the my ltw after reinstalling the game and playing to where i should be, now go back and have changed again. It will keep the game interesting.

    1. Next will be the Baldwins to play, Sofia and Marcus. If Marcus does not roll any wants about Pauline, then I suppose their relationship simply did not last longer than college, which is what sometimes happens, doesn't it.
      It was good to be back with my familiar Sims! TS4 is good and I will return to it, but I can't see myself giving up on TS2.

  2. Heh, I thought this was going to be another TS4 post and wondered if they'd brought the Aspirs into TS4! I was surprised, as they were one of the later families and EA seem to have forgotten most of them existed. ;)

    How weird about Pauline. I don't think I've ever had a sim change LTWs before, unless they'd achieved one or unless I remade them (which doesn't really count as "changing" LTWs).

    So sad about Elizabeth and Victor. Nice for Pauline that she has her new job to focus on now.

    1. That would be cool, wouldn't it, if there were more of our old beloved families from TS2 in TS4! Of course, we could always attempt to recreate them and rebuild their houses...
      I've had the change of LTW last round already for many Sims, and it looks like this round could be similar. No idea why that happens, but it makes for some surprise moments!

      I'll always use "TS4" as a prefix in the headlines of posts about the TS4 families, and no prefix (just like before) about the TS2 ones. Same is true about the labels.

  3. Great to see a new round starting in New Maximiliania!
    Pauline is doing well in her career now she's on the path. Like others have said it does keep it challenging when you have to switch careers.
    Victor and Elizabeth had nice lives though and it's good to see them being useful non controlled Sims. :)

    1. It was great to play this first week back with the Aspirs after such a long time, and starting the new round :-)
      Even though I have not managed to re-organize New Max the way I had intended... Maybe if I go through lot by lot with the debugger, I will be able to sort it out.


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