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Friday, 10 October 2014

The Sharpe-Powers Household: Week 6

For Week 5 at this household, simply click on the "Sharpe" label.

he former Grunts' house has now been the home of the Sharpe-Powers family for a while. Who lives here at the moment?

Siblings Edwin (back) and Roxie Sharpe, and Roxie's 3-bolt-man, college sweetheart and live-in love, Jonah Powers. All three are on Permanent Platinum and therefore treated largely as non-playables.

There is also Jonah's half-alien daughter, Perseida Powers. She is a teenager with the lifetime want of having 20 simultaneous best friend. The end of the previous week saw her with 8 best friends. Her new hairdo is the result of a visit at the Cho-Riley house, where Charlie Cho is constantly working at reaching his Gold badge for cosmetics.

On this Monday morning, Jonah takes it upon himself to make omelettes for breakfast.

Later, he and Roxie spend time at the model railway in the garden, an ever-popular object.

In the afternoon, it is Edwin's turn to make a meal. His choice is chili con carne.

Upstairs, Perseida is doing her homework.

Being the neat nerd he is, Edwin diligently cleans the kitchen after he has finished cooking.

Jonah sits with his daughter when she comes downstairs for a bowl of her "uncle" Edwin's chili, and asks her about the arts project she has been working on for school.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

..Edwin turns into an Elder. I think the "dorky" checked trousers suit him!
When I saw Perseida sitting down on the rug in the living room to write her diary while there were old newspapers on the floor, I was going to remark upon her being a typical teenager - not seeing the work that needs to be done even when it screams at you - but I was wrong:
She stopped writing very quickly and put the old newspaper in the bin instead. Not only that, she also emptied the bin and took it out of the house. A look at her personality (I so rarely look at that in my game!) reveals that she has full neat points and full nice points.
On Tuesday morning, Edwin thinks he can get around fixing himself some breakfast by eating some left-over chili. Well, it wasn't a good idea. He has food poisoning now.
Whatever he does over the next two days, he interrupts it to run to the nearest toilet because he has to throw up.
For Roxie and Jonah, it is the first working day of the week. This means they'll eat at work and won't need any meal at home.
Edwin starts on some necessary gardening but does not finish it because of his food poisoning, as mentioned before.
Perseida brings home from school one her many half-sisters, Giselle Goth.
The two girls watch telly together for a while and become friends.
After work, Roxie tries to finish what her younger brother has started, but like him, she is interrupted by bouts of illness (the flu in her case).
It is Wednesday morning, and Edwin is still on much more intimate terms with the toilets in the house than he would like to.
Perseida is keeping track of her friendships. One of the names on her list - not yet a friend, but hopefully in the near future - is Serva Pleasant, who keeps ringing the house nearly every day.
She enjoys a quiet breakfast of omelettes with her "uncle" Edwin.
Today, it is Jonah who tackles the overgrown rose bushes around the house.
Neat & nice Perseida cleans the toilets. That is one teenager to be proud of!
On Thursday morning, it is once again Edwin who spends time with his "niece" before she has to leave for school. He hopes she'll keep getting good grades.
Upstairs, Perseida's Dad and sort-of Mom are proving that there is room for love even in the narrowest hallway :-)
Edwin chooses to sleep in his own bed for a change.
Roxie and Jonah are happy to be three-bolt-lovers and best friends for life. So far, neither of them has thought about getting married.
In the early afternoon, Perseida gets off the school bus with her class mate Meike Riley.
First, the two girls have a game of kicky-bag upstairs in Perseida's room.
Then, they enjoy large pieces of cake. The cake was in the inventory of one of the household members, along with platters of appetizers, christmas cookies and other food. It is nice to know the two bakeries in New Maximiliania, run by playables, are flourishing!
Every evening before going to bed, Perseida rings at least three of her friends. She keeps working on several friendships at once to make them best friends.
On Friday, Bianca Capp has come home with Edwin from work. It is the early hours in the morning and she is still here. She probably thinks that Roxie and Jonah should finally tie the knot!
It is the last day of autumn, and cold enough now for everyone to change into their outdoor clothes whenever they leave the house.
The cold weather does not prevent Dora Dreamer from still wearing her skimpy little summer dress when she gets off the school bus with her half-sister Perseida today.
At night, Bianca Capp comes home from work with Edwin once again. Do you remember how Edwin reached his LTW of being Head of SCIA due to a chance card a long time ago? He had lost that position again, also due to a chance card, and is now back as Head of SCIA - again, because of a chance card.
And it looks as if Bianca feels more towards Edwin than just being good colleagues!! (Don't worry. She is happily married and won't act on a mere two-bolt attraction.)
Ramon Ramirez becomes Perseida's best friend #9 that evening.
Early Saturday morning, Roxie makes grilled salmon for breakfast... still in her undies. Bianca doesn't seem to mind.
Jonah can't wait for the salmon to be ready and grabs a bag of crisps for starters.
Later, Roxie changes into more wintery clothes.
Perseida makes her best friend # 10 in Callum Capp, and # 11 in Giselle Goth. That's more than half way through now, well done, Perseida!
She then cleans the kitchen counter, and has fun doing it! (Being such a super-neat Sim, her fun level really increases whenever she does any cleaning.)
She has been wanting to throw a party for two days now, and since she does not have to go to school or do any homework today, her Dad allows her to ring some of her best friends. Fenya Hart, Ramon Ramirez, Callum Capp and Sirius Swain (from left to right) are there, as well as Glenda Greenman, Wilma Williamson and Graham Grunt.
The teenagers soon split into small groups; some watch telly together (doesn't Ramon look really shy here next to beautiful Fenya?), others play with the model railway, while Perseida talks to them all and gives each of her half-siblings a family kiss.
When everyone has gone home, Perseida finally tackles the overgrown yard on her own initiative. She works well into the night and does not stop until the job is finished. That's her way of thanking her Dad for letting her have a party!
On Sunday morning, Edwin finds the telly broken (it didn't happen during the party - actually, it was Edwin himself who broke it).
It's Christmas cookies for breakfast this morning.
The TV set breaks again, and this time it is Perseida trying to repair it. Oh dear!
But, as you can see, she is as raight as rain soon again. Meike Riley becomes her best friend # 12 in the afternoon.

This where the week at his household ends. Roxie and Jonah are now 67; will they ever marry? Is Edwin at 60 too old to find love - or simply not interested anymore after his first and only romantic relationship with Delilah O'Feefe ended many years ago?
Will Perseida go to college?


  1. you seem to have been very busy playing and blogging the last couple of day. What if new Maximiliana only ends up with all aliens half them are related. Good read my jonah powers and roxie sharpe have only just graduated.

    1. Yes, I've been playing more than usual because I have been in the firm grip of a big fat cold and stayed home from work since Wednesday of this week.
      Well, yes, if the neighbourhood ends up with all aliens, they will ALL have the same Pollination Technician as one of their fathers, and so New Maximiliania's population will die out. But I don't think it'll come to that - there are still enough all-human births happening :-)

  2. sorry about your cold, hope you feel better soon. Glad it will not all be aliens, glad their will be some human births.

    1. Thank you, I am already much better today and will be back in full working mode by Monday :-)
      If you look at the "births and deaths" page of this blog, you'll see how many all-human children were born in this 'hood already :-)


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