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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Roth Family: Week 6

For Week 5, click here.

The Roths reside still at the house originally assigned them by Maxis, and I have only altered a few things to make it more playable and/or to match the family's changing needs as the children grew up, went to college, and moved back in.
Right now, we have Morty living here as head of the family. At 78, he has been on Permanent Platinum now for 12 "years" and is rarely controlled by me. His wife died last week, and I'm afraid he won't be with us for much longer, either.
His daughter Sandra and her husband Brent - one of Brandi Broke's twins born soon after the game started - live here, too. Not only are they firm 3-bolters, they also share the lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens. Last round ended for them with a list of eight puppies.
Thanks to the Roth family fortune, neither Sandra nor Brent have to work and can dedicate all their time and energy to their dogs.
Sandra's younger brother Xander has recently returned from college to live at the family house again. He used to have the lifetime want of being Criminal Mastermind - something I really am not too happy about when any of my Sims roll it - but belongs to the number of Sims whose LTW has changed inexplicably from the last round to this one: He now wants to be Hall of Famer. Much nicer!
And then, of course, there are the dogs. Benny (in the doorway) was adopted as a puppy. Rosy and Suzi are mother and daughter as well as lookalikes. Suzi will soon give birth to her next litter.
Morty likes to be useful no matter how old he is, and takes it upon himself to clean the downstairs bath (mainly used for giving the dogs their often-needed baths) on this Monday morning.
As predicted, Suzi's next litter is born: Ryan, Rita and Rolf; two males and one female puppy.
Whenever possible, I make sure that fellow residents of New Maximiliania are greeted when they happen to walk by the lot I am currently playing. This afternoon, Puck Summerdream and Isbella Indie are welcomed by Xander who has, by the way, quit his job in the criminal career and is hoping to find one in the athletic career soon.
Just as he turns 79, Morty is approached by the Grim Reaper and his Hula girls. He was ready for that event; his life has been a long and happy one, and he will now be reunited with his wife in the Great Neighbourhood in the sky.
Now that Suzi's puppies are born, Benny and Rosy are encouraged to try for more puppies. Twenty is no mean feat!
Xander seems to be hit hardest by his father's death. To him, it feels as if he has hardly spent any time with him since he returned from college, while Sandra as the older one came home a few years earlier. Also, Sandra has Brent to comfort her, while Xander has currently no serious love interst.
He doesn't even feel like finishing the delicious berry cake on his plate tonight.
It is Tuesday morning, and Sandra makes the round of the dog's dishes. You know what that's like if you ever have played a household with several pets (especially dogs): there is always a dish to clean and fill, a pet bed to clean, a dog to bathe or to praise or scold, a puddle to mop... but their dogs is what Sandra and Brent live for, and they never complain.
Brent knows they won't be able to keep Ryan, Rita and Rolf, but he still wants to make sure the puppies go to the adoption service at least partially trained.
At some stage during one of the previous rounds, the lot decided for Sandra's secondary aspiration to be Grilled Cheese. Ever since, she does of course roll many wants related to that. But she can't talk to neither her brother nor her husband about grilled cheese.
On Wednesday, it is Brent's turn to do clean and refill the dog dishes.
Meanwhile, Sandra cleans the pet beds.
It really is a pleasure to watch these two; they are so sweet together!
In the afternoon, Sandra invites over her good friend Lilith Ottomas (nee Pleasant). Lilith brings along her sister-in-law Sharla.
It is the first really warm day of summer, and the friends soon take advantage of the pool at the side of the house.
Xander has made hot dogs for the "girls" and sits with them on the patio.
Early on Thursday morning, Xander gets up feeling luckier than usual. And he is not mistaken - he finally finds a job in the athletic career and will be starting as an All Star later today.
Didn't I say I enjoy watching these two together?
Brent grew up on a farm; when he and his twin brother were toddlers, their mother married farmer Leod McGreggor, and the boys took to farm life like ducklings to water. Here at the Roths' house, Brent takes care of the two apple trees in front of the house. He has a Silver badge for gardening.
The puppies grow up - all looking identical to their mother, Suzi. I can not detect anything of Benny's genetic make-up in them.
Lilith comes visiting Sandra on her own accord today.
The dogs happily play with each other, not yet knowing what is in store for them.
It is the pet adoption service. There is no way the Roths can keep all their dogs; they would never see their LTW of raising 20 puppies come true.
Brent knows that, but it does not make giving the young dogs away any easier.
Sandra makes grilled cheese for herself and Lilith, fulfilling a wish.
Xander is working out with the punching bag next to the pool. Being in the athletic career now means he'll have to max out his body skill.
On Friday, Sandra puts on one of her (= my) favourite dresses. It suits her so well, I think.
Xander is promoted to MVP.
Sandra greets Cherry Capp.
Life is good at the Roth house!
Saturday morning, our lovebirds have breakfast together. "My Brent... I love him so much!" thinks Sandra - not even his questionable table manners put her off. Aaaaaw :-)
Brent's family was sadly diminuished last round when his adoptive father, Leod McGreggor, and his mother Brandi died of old age and his older brother Dustin lost his life in a fire caused by burning a pile of leaves. But he still has his twin brother Benvenuto, whom he invites over this Saturday afternoon...
...and their older brother (younger than Dustin), Beau.
It is time to harvest the apples. They look delicious!
The Broke brothers spend the afternoon with Brent and Sandra. While she and Benvenuto exchange their favourite recipes (I have a feeling that would be Grilled Cheese in Sandra's case), Brent and Beau play chess.
It is Sunday morning and still dark outside when Xander manages to max out his body skill.
Mr. and Mrs. Roth enjoy each other's company, as always.
The dogs get their fair share of attention, too.
Meet New Maximiliania's latest Superstar, Xander Roth!
Sandra takes advantage of one of the last hot summer days of the season by watering the flowers in her bikini. Early on into the next round, she and Brent will turn into Elders. I also hope that there will be a new litter of puppies; I would have expected them to be born by now, but nothing happened.
Xander is most likely going to reach his lifetime want early on in the next round, too; will there be a lady capturing his heart eventually?


  1. a lovely read. Maybe they just need a few extra hours for the puppies to be born. Will you let xander have a wife?

    1. It was strange with the puppies. After that first time when the dogs were encouraged to try for puppies, I distinctly heard the jingle that indicates a successful attempt, but then nothing happened. So I had them try again later on in the week (I think Friday or Saturday), and once again the bells chimed for them. Maybe the lot is bugged now - I hope not; I like the house and wouldn't want to give it up.
      As for Xander, I don't know yet - if he'll met a three-bolt-lady who is free for him, they can certainly follow up on their attraction. But so far, he does not seem to be interested in anyone.


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