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Friday, 6 October 2017

Giselle Goth's Freshman Year

This big house has many rooms, and they are all nicely furnished and decorated. It could be a perfect home to a perfectly happy family, but it isn't. Why not?

Because there is only one lonely Sim living here, young Giselle Goth. She has lost her twin brother, their father and stepmother all in one day during a fire started by a burning pile of leaves in the garden.
Her father was Alexander Goth, her grandparents the legendary Mortimer and Bella Goth.

Four days from adulthood, Giselle's dream of having a large family again is as much alive as ever: One day, she wants to have six grandchildren.

So far, she has not moved to college, in spite of rolling the wish almost daily. But there still Moody to consider, the dear old dog (he is 30), the only household member still around from happier times.
On this Monday morning, Moody plays with the water wiggler on the front lawn while Giselle is at school.
She comes home, thinking how one day she'll get engaged to a nice young man. A nice young man is getting off the school bus after her, but it is a townie teenager, and so I send him away.
Giselle is just about to rub Moody's belly and play razzle with him when he is met by the Grim Reaper for his very last game of fetch. At 31, he was really old, and it was to be expected that he was not going to be around forever, but Giselle is very sad nonetheless.
A few hours later, Nathan Gavigan comes visiting. It seems like the other New Maximilianians take turns in checking in on Giselle's wellbeing every now and then.
"I feel as if I am living under a thick black cloud all the time," Giselle confesses.
Nathan encourages her: "The big black cloud will go away, and the sun will shine for you again." If only Giselle could believe it!
On Tuesday morning, Giselle gets up as usual... and then realises that now she can indeed go to college, without leaving Moody behind! She is rather excited at the idea of starting a new life, but she knows that one day, she wants to return to her old home, filling it again with laughter and joy.

Of course, Giselle's dorm is the only one I am playing these days: Pinenut Plaza.

Here she is, only just arrived and looking a little skeptical. The kimono is a very pretty outfit, but highly impractical, and so she will find something else in the wardrobe.

The other students here at the moment are B'Elanna Beaker and Callum Capp, both Senior Students and a 3-bolt-couple...

Calvin Cho and Dora Dreamer, a Senior and a Sophomore...

...Christoper Capp, yet another Senior...

... and Shane Cho, the only Junior here (the girl is Sunny Wilkie, an NPC student). Maybe you remember that I have added Shane and Calvin, formerly NPC students, to New Maximiliania's residents, because they have the same surname as a pre-made family and count as "relatives".

This semester, Dora Dreamer is the first to finish her term paper, in spite of being ill.

Giselle is not far behind, although she has not yet decided on a Major.

Christopher and B'Elanna finish their semester and are now entering their very last one.

Dora is not even having a sponge bath to bring up her hygiene level - she limits herself to gussy up a little with her pocket mirror. Strangely enough, she can often be seen doing some house cleaning on her own initiative.

Giselle rolls the wish to declare her Major in History, so History it is. With her family all wiped out except for her, but being steeped in the history of New Maximiliania and the entire Simworld, her interest in this subject seems to be only natural.

It is also time to give her a nose, I think!
Like her half-sister Dora, she often does some cleaning around the dorm without anybody having to ask her.

Dora still picks a fight with B'Elanna every chance she gets. Life will be so much more peaceful at this dorm once B'Elanna graduates and leaves, unless of course Dora finds a new victim to vent her aggressive temper on.

Giselle rolls the wish to hug Calvin, but he pushes her back. Oh dear!
But don't worry, the two of them are still friends.

Her first semester is over.

She finishes her term paper early.

B'Elanna and Christopher have just graduated!

But there is always time for one last row with Dora, even at her graduation party.

B'Elanna has invited some old friends as well as her adoptive mother Circe and Beta Beaker.

It is a great party, and even Dora joins in the dancing and good mood.

B'Elanna and two of her friends who also used to live at this dorm when they were still at uni (Wilma Williamson and Meike Riley).

Time to board the taxi to New Max, with Dora of all people waving her good-bye! I wish B'Elanna all the best and hope she will soon make her lifetime want of 50 first dates so that she'll be able to settle with her three-bolt-love, Callum Capp.

It is then Christopher Capp's turn to throw his graduation party. Only his mother Hermia and father Tank as well as younger siblings Cameron and Carolina can make it.

But Christopher does not mind, he is happy to leave uni and finally start on getting five businesses to top level.

Cameron looks a bit embarrassed at seeing his sister and Mom dance the smustle ;-)

Can you believe this is Christopher, waiting for the taxi back to New Max? Along with his graduation robe and hat, he has also shed his ugly pot-like hairstyle... not that this one is much better, but it is what he age-transitioned into.

Giselle will soon complete her first full year, and Dora is confident she will make the Dean's List again.

Callum is the third and last student of this "year" to end his time at uni with a graduation party.

His younger siblings Cameron, Carl and Carolina are here, as well as mother Hermia (not pictured). If the teenagers grow up decide to go to uni, they will already be very familiar with the dorm :-)

Callum leaves, with Shane and Giselle waving good-bye.

And finally, Giselle's Freshman Year is over.

Now there are only the two Cho boys, Giselle and Dora left at the dorm. Who is going to be the next Freshman here? Are Giselle and Calvin going to be more than friends at some stage? Will Dora learn to control her aggressive temper?


  1. Dear Meks,

    great that you sent Giselle to college, She went through a lot and I hope the other students will give her a good time.

    Greetings, Bee :)

    1. Yes, I think she is enjoying the company of the other students, and classes, term papers etc. occupying her mind. Now all she has to do is fall in love with the right guy...

  2. yay she went to college! i hope orlando ottomas and Giselle get together as 1.they have the same LTW 2.the babies would look so strange

    I seriously hope Giselle won't die or be enemies with one of her half siblings.

    all for now hope that the greenmans will have an exciting week,also you could still turn gary greenman into a plantsim as elders can hae plantbabies.

    1. I, too, hope nothing bad won't happen to Giselle anymore - she certainly has had more than her fair share of drama already in her young life!
      The endless slapping and poking at the dorm really got on my nerves. I hope Dora will behave now that B'Elanna is gone.

      The Greenmans? Well, I have re-read their last chapter this morning and can not remember what I had in mind for Gary!

    2. he had the LTW of marrying off 6 children but since two of Jessica's kids died he will have too become a plantsim,but I'm guessing his LTW has changed...

    3. Last night after work, I started to play the Greenmans. Gary's LTW has not changed, and I am still hoping he turns into a Plantsim - but it was winter and therefore no gardening was done.

  3. What a great round for Giselle now she has joined the dorm. Nice to see the other students graduating too, hopefully B'Elanna can get some peace now she's free from Dora- until Dora graduates of course! :)

    1. Even when Dora graduates, the two of them are not likely to see each other often - unless they bump into each other on a community lot ;-)


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