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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Gesine Gavigan: Week 1

The next name on the alphabetical list of New Maximiliania's residents after Gerlinde Gavigan is her twin sister Gesine. Gesine has finished uni at the same time as Gerlinde. Her Major was Biology, and she has graduated Magna Cum Laude. Now she wants to become a Space Pirate, a fitting life time want for a Fortune Sim.

Maybe you remember that during her uni years, Gerlinde was not the nicest of girls; she made some enemies (for no apparent reason) but also made some friends, for instance Lilo Landgraab, and even found herself a college sweetheart in Lilo's twin brother Lance.
I wonder whether she will roll any wants about Lance.
For now, she has moved into this small town house. Her budget upon moving in is 8.706 Simoleons. After buying some basic stuff she is down to 2.720 Simoleons - still no bed.
Georgia Newson, Gunnar Roque and Ripp Grunt (not pictured) make up her Welcome Committee.
Stacy Stacks walks by a little later and is invited to join Gesine for a piece of berry cake.
Prezioso Picaso (who went to uni with her, I think) rings and asks her to meet up with a bunch of people at "Games of Glory".
Tina Traveller is part of the group. Something happened there - Prezioso has just autonomously fallen in love with Lilo Landgraab, seen walking away.
Yes, they definitely are in love, snogging away while Gesine grills ribs for everyone.
Tuesday starts with a phone call from B'Elanna Beaker. The two ladies did not know each other until then, so I wonder why B'Elanna rang. For the rest of the week, she rings nearly every day.
Today, Gesine is as unlucky on the job-finding front as she was yesterday.

The only other thing worth mentioning about Tuesday is that she suffers a cold. Maybe she should think about getting some warmer clothes now that autumn has set in. But after buying some more things for the kitchen and a good bed, and after paying today's bills, her bank account is down to 316 Simoleons. So she better be careful about money.
Wednesday morning is here.
Gesine is still coughing and sneezing.
In spite of that, she has the wish to go jogging, so I send her for a run. When she returns, a succession of visitors comes by her house. First is Castanea Landgraab, the stepmother of her friends Lilo and Lance Landgraab...
...followed by Catherine Capp...
...and Christian Love. In between, Gesine has had time for a much needed bath.
Another bath follows first thing Thursday morning.
During the night, a stray dog with luminous eyes has been digging up Gesine's front yard.
She rolls the wish to have a date (unusual for autumn!), and since Lance Landgraab has been her love interest at uni, she asks him to meet her at Greaves Greener Gardens.
The date is very successful - Lance even rolls the wish to marry Gesine!
And look who's there! I have not seen Mrs. Crumplebottom in quite a while.
Friday morning, Lance leaves a single red rose with a love letter attached on Gesine's door step.
The stray dog is back.
In the afternoon, Gesine invites over her parents, brother Isaiah and his wife as well as her twin sister Gerlinde.
Her family are a bit taken aback when they realise Gesine is really struggling money-wise; upstairs, a bed, a computer desk and chair are the only furnishings.
She does not even have enough chairs for everyone, but the family still sit down together for a berry pie.
On Saturday morning, Gesine gets up before the sun is out.
For most of the day, she gives financial consulting, raising the contents of her bank account from 265 to 1.015 Simoleons. As she still has not found a job in her dream career, in spite of checking every day, I think this is a good way of keeping the repo man away.
It is definitely cold enough now for a coat and boots when she goes outside.
Sunday is here, and Gesine has invested some of her money gained by financial consulting in a cheap wardrobe in one corner of her sparsely furnished bedroom. She did not buy a new outfit; I found the jumper and trousers in her wardrobe when I checked for something more winter-like.
She does the crosswords, like almost every morning.
For the afternoon and evening, she invites over her siblings with their partners and children as well as her parents. Nearly all the Gavigan family is united, and Gesine is busy serving grilled cheese for lunch and later some berry cake. It is nice to see the children getting along with their cousins, and having a chance to meet their uncles, aunts and grandparents.

The week ends on a happy note, although there is still no job for Gesine. Will she be more successful next week? What about Lance - is she going to accept his marriage proposal, if he should indeed propose?


  1. Gesine is doing well considering she doesn't have a job yet. Would she take any job while she's waiting for her dream job?
    It will be interesting to see if Lance still wants to marry her, and she him of course, :)

    I need to figure out how to upload pics with blogger now as my image hosting site has started charging for the privilege and so I currently have no pics for my blog which is very annoying.

    1. Until she gets into her dream career, Gesie will either move back in with her parents, join Lance at his place or keep giving financial consulting to ward off the repo man.
      As I have locked Lance's marriage wish during the date, he should still want that when I'll get to play him next. As for Gesine wanting the same, I doubt it - her secondary aspiration is Romance...

      Uploading pics with blogger could not be easier! While writing your post, you simply click on the picture symbol and then choose where from and which picture you want to upload (for instance, from the storytelling folder of your Sims game data).

    2. Thanks for the tips! I shall have a go as soon as I have some free time. :)

  2. Hello There! I Love Reading New Maximililana (did I spell that right?) just wondering how does the lot decide aspiration and are you going show which names have died out?

    1. Hello there! Thank you for the "thumbs up" - I am always happy to welcome new Readers :-)
      New Maximiliania is the correct spelling. The Name is based on Maxis, as I am playing all the Maxis-made Sims in all the Maxis-made houses. In German, Maximilian is a male first name; short form "Max". So it is Maximiliania. And it is "New", because it is the second incarnation of the 'Hood.

      There is a list of names under "lists & stats" here on my blog. It should also state which ones have died out.

    2. Oh, here is how I decide "by lot" on aspirations: I have six identically sized bits of paper with one aspiration written on each of them. They are folded up and I keep them in a little box. To throw a lot, I shake the little box and pull out one piece of paper. The aspiration that is written on the paper is then the one the Sim gets.

  3. Also I'm guessing that gesine will never get married which will be a shame

    1. I guess she will get married - Lance seems to be determined :-)

    2. thanks for replying! in my megahood I made EVERY sim from ages teen to adult pregnant with an alien baby so there is a massive population boom! I might make an account so I can show my megahood,do you think I should?

  4. is Giselle goth next I love her tragic story,could you upload the senior residence to modthesims if you can figure out how? sorry for all the questions (hopefully this is the last one) who's your favourite family? (apart from the Riley's)

    1. The "original" Gavigans are next, Mary and Nathan (the parents of Isaiah, Gesine and Gerlinde).
      I can send you my Senior Residence by email, if you like. If you click on my profile (here on the blog), you will find my email address. Write to me, then I can reply to you :-)

      And yes, you definitely should blog about your 'hood!

  5. hi I've just started an account (i'm the anonymous guy) and I might start with ts4 and 3 first because ts2 is on another computer,hope you read my blog when I finish!

  6. my first post on my blog :-)

    1. Looking Forward to reading it in a few minutes with my morning coffee!

  7. Oh I've started a new blog which is about a gender-swapped hood for sims 2,it might take a while to complete and the pictures are a bit blurry but you'll no doubt enjoy it i hope :-)

    1. Is it under the same link as your TS4-blog?

    2. I think it'll (not finished yet) be but I'll tell you when it's finished :-)

  8. post your opinion in the comments

  9. the rules on my TS2 blog!


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