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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Dora Dreamer's Freshman Year

The start of Dora Dreamer's Freshman Year - we are back at Pinenut Plaza Dorm, currently the only place in all three campus neighbourhoods occupied by playable students in my game.

Poor Dora - she age-transitioned into an unpractical outfit (woolly jumper and cardigan combined with a summer skirt and lightweight sandals) and lost her ponytail hairdo.
But before I'll do anything about her looks, here is a quick reminder of who else lives here at the moment.
B'Elanna Beaker, grandchild of Loki Beaker and currently a Junior Student. She and her three-bolt love Callum Capp are in a relationship, which makes reaching her lifetime want of 50 first dates not easy.
Here he is, Callum Capp, also a Junior Student.
Calvin Cho is yet another Junior. He is one of the few former NPCs/townies I allow to become permanent residents, because they have the same surname as a playable Maxis-made Sim.
Callum's brother Christopher Capp is also here, and - you guessed it - also a Junior.
There is Wilma Williamson, the only Senior at the moment. Her boyfriend is Stephen Riley, who until his recent graduation lived here at the same dorm. Wilma can not wait to graduate and join Stephen back in New Maximiliania.
Last but not least, the only current Sophomore at the moment is Shane Cho, another former townie student who is eligible for permanent citizen status because of his surname.
Now back to Dora. First of all, I send the so-far noseless young woman to the facial surgery station.
She is as pleased with her new nose as I am!
Her hairdo is changed back to what it was before, and I give her a more practical pair of trousers for the season (it is autumn).
In the cafeteria, Dora bumps into B'Elanna, one of her many half-siblings.
Wilma is a half-sister of Dora's, too. Does B'Elanna feel a little excluded here?
Wilma finishes the first semester of her Senior Year.
There used to be a time when the students' class and exam schedules were all more or less synched, but with each visit to a community lot plus Shane and Calvin Cho moving in, schedules are all over the place.
Calvin is the first this "year" to finish his term paper. You know how I play my students - I control them fully only until they all have their necessary skills and term papers, from then on, it is more or less free range.
Christopher and B'Elanna are next to write their term papers.
Wilma is still acquiring more skills before it makes sense to have her start on her term paper.
Calvin is a Family Sim and dreams of reaching his Golden Anniversary with the queen of his heart one day. So far, however, he does not even have a love interest, let alone bought an engagement ring.
Dora is making herself useful by cleaning the girls' shower room on her own accord.
Not just the floor, also the showers.
As before with other Sims, I have no idea what caused the sudden aggressive behaviour between Dora and her half-sister B'Elanna.
Shane tries to smoothe the waves by expressing his hope Dora can find friends for life here at the dorm. She does not seem to be too taken with that idea.
It is winter, and all of a sudden, everyone wakes up with a want to go skating.
As I want to have my students visit a community lot at least once during each "year", they have made the choice of where to send them easy for me.
It is the Hillside Community Center with its skating rink.
For a while, nearly everyone skates with more or less skill. But soon, some of the group grow tired, hungry and cold, and so they all head home again. Still, they've been to a community lot and met a few other Sims.
No year at uni is complete without at least one unnecessary sponge bath!
And no year at uni is complete without a fight between either the mascots or a mascot and a cheerleader. Here, the cheerleader is beating up the cow mascot, with Dora watching.
Cheerleader 1 - Cow 0.
Dora's first semester is over.
B'Elanna decides she wants to fly the kite.
Calvin is again the first to complete his term paper.
Dora rolls the wish to declare her Major in Political Science. As she wants to own 5 top level businesses, knowing a thing or two about how local politics can help her businesses could come in handy one day.
Wilma has just graduated Cum Laude in Physics - useful for an aspiring Mad Scientist.
Christopher and B'Elanna are now Seniors.
The guests for Wilma's graduation party are arriving: Meike Riley, Orlando Ottomas, Wilma's father William... well as her adoptive mother (William's wife), Klara, nee Vonderstein, along with Wilma's boyfriend Stephen Riley and Sirius Swain, one of her half-brothers.
The party is soon in full swing, and Wilma is happy.
The guests get along well with each other, too.
Then Wilma leaves campus for good. It will be a while before we'll meet her again, I suppose, what with her surname beginning with a W.
Dora, always the neat freak, is cleaning again on her own initiative.
It is a good thing that at least somoene does some cleaning every now and then!
Calvin, the Family Sim, serves omelettes when the cook is not around.
A typical common room scene.
Oh... and I wish this would not be such a typical scene for this dorm! What is it with those students that there always seems to be someone picking on another Sim?
B'Elanna wins, with Christopher looking on.
Dora, this is really bad manners, you know! First attacking another student (and your half-sister, too!), and then picking your teeth in the cafeteria! And I am not even mentioning the fact that you wear your nighty nearly all the time (even to class!)...!
No, I can not say Dora's first year at uni is going all that well. There is nothing wrong with her grades, but she does not seem to fit in.
Finally, her Freshman Year is over. She is ill and unhappy. I hope her next year will go better.


  1. oh dear what shame, she didn't fit in and her half sister beating her up too.

    1. I did not expect her to have such a rough time - maybe she'll settle in during her Sophomore Year. And it was her who started the fight with B'Elanna.

  2. Poor Dora, maybe her next semester will see her come into her own!
    It's a great mix of characters in the dorm though, and I enjoy seeing all the interactions- fights included, heh. I don't think I've ever seen the cow mascot win a fight- guess they have low body skills. :)

    1. Well, if I had to wear a cow suit, I'd lose every fight, too :-) (Not that I ever do any fighting - or ever wear a cow suit, for that matter...!!) :-D
      Yes, I do hope Dora will have a better time of it next semester.

  3. Do the aliens have low nice skill? that might be why they fight :-)

    1. I never remember to check personality traits, so I really don't know how nice (or not) they are!


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