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Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Cho "Brothers": Update 30.03.2017

Some time ago, I decided to add NPC students, townies and so on to the playable residents of New Maximiliania if they had the same surname as one of the Maxis-made Playables. Two of these relatively recently added Sims are Calvin (left) and Shane (right) Cho, "relatives" of the late Vivian and Etsu Cho.
After I had added these two former NPC students, I put them in a Greek house on their own - and sort of forgot about them. Now I think it is time to get them back in the game, so to speak. I have moved them to Pinenut Plaza dorms, the only building on Campus with playable residents at the moment.
Calvin is a Family Sim who dreams of celebrating his Golden Anniversary one day (but currently does not even have a love interest). Shane aspires to be a Business Tycoon, fittingly for a Fortune Sim. They are both Freshmen.
The others here are B'Elanna Beaker, a Sophomore...
...just like Callum...
...and Christopher Capp.
Wilma Williamson is the only one in her Junior year at the moment.
...and Stephen Riley are Seniors.
The semester is off to a sporty start when the Campus coach appears and orders Christopher to work out.
Stephen informs one of the newcomers, Shane, that he will automatically be registered for a Major in Philosophy if he does not decide on a Major by the end of his Sophomore Year.
A streaker is paying a very quick visit, and as usual, nobody takes any notice.
B'Elanna and Callum are dancing, while B'Elanna's half-sister Wilma is looking on.
Later, B'Elanna has a sponge bath - with three perfectly good showers right next to her.
Meike and Callum... in bed together?! Not really - they happened to choose the same (most comfortable) bed in the house, which is actually in B'Elanna's room. They are friends, and therefore have no qualms about sharing a bed, without anything actually happening.
The next morning, Meike is seen mopping the girls' bathroom floor.
(You know how I play my student households: Until everyone has acquired all necessary skills and written their term paper, I control them. After that, they are pretty much left to their own devices.)
Calvin and Callum enjoy the sunny summer afternoon by tossing a football on the street.
Calvin is the first to complete the semester.
Callum takes out the trash.
B'Elanna has just found something to eat in the bin... yummm... :-D
Meike, Stephen and Wilma have just completed their semester.
B'Elanna and Christopher follow suit.
A fight has broken out in the upstairs common room! Who is involved?
Thankfully, none of the resident students - just the usual eternal rivalry between cows and llamas!
I have not forgotten that I mean to send each household to a community lot at least once each round. It is summer, after all, and so I send my students to the "Fiesta Swim Center", a community lot at La Fiesta Tech.
Nothing much happens except for some swimming, diving and hot-dog eating.
Callum has finished the semester, too.
This term, Christopher is the first to complete his Term Paper.
Shane is next.
Callum puts away the books other students have left about on his own initiative.
Meike is sure she'll make it to the Dean's List once more - it is her very last semester, by the way.
Stephen finishes his very last Term Paper.
Upstairs, Calvin is giving one of the sinks in the boys' bathroom a good scrub.
Meike has graduated Summa Cum Laude!
The next morning, she invites her closest friends. Do you know who everyone is?
Charlie Cho is invited, too - he is her half-brother (they have the same father, Hal Capp, who later married Sally Riley, Meike's mother).
While Meike's graduation party is in full swing, B'Elanna and Christopher return from their end-of-year exams.
Calvin retreats to his room for some rest after the party.
But it is yet another graduation party the very next day: Stephen has graduated Summa Cum Laude, too!
Some, but not all, of his friends are the same ones as Meike's.
He can't wait to get back to New Maximiliana and start working on his dream of becoming Space Pirate! Meike, by the way, wants to become The Law.
B'Elanna's lifetime want is to have 50 first dates. I have badly neglected this all "year", but here she is having her 1st (and VERY short) date # 35 with Mitch Wolosenko. "Students..." he seems to think, "...note to self: never get involved with a student again..."!
Calvin and Shane Cho were the reason why I played this round at the dorm. Now Calvin has completed his semester, and just like Stephen had told him at the start of the year, he was automatically signed up for the Philosophy Major.

With two students (Meike and Stephen) gone, who will come to live here next?


  1. College is fun sometimes, do you ever think of not making their sim not doing their term paper unless their wish for it?

    1. Nearly all of them wish to write their term papers, and those who don't - well, I suppose I could let them just bumble on through term and see whether they'll end up on academic probation or not :-)

    2. I find it's almost difficult to end up on academic probation, although one sure way is to skip your final exam entirely. I make sure my University Sims have all the skill points required, but I otherwise don't direct them to do homework or the term paper unless they wish to. As long as they go to class every day, they still end up with passing grades.

    3. Only a few times I've had a Sim end up on academic probation, and I don't even know how that happened! I must have overlooked to send that particular Sim to class or something. It is years ago so I can hardly remember :-)
      My Sims nearly always want to write their term papers at some stage, so I make them do it. They want to write assignments and do research, too, but I usually do not fulfill those wishes as they mostly occur when they already have done enough to be not directed anymore by me for the rest of the term.

  2. Another great Uni round. Looking forward to seeing Meike back in New Max, and Stephen too of course. :)

    1. It will be a while before I'll reach "R" on the alphabetical list, but I will have to decide on what house to move them into next :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Well, she has my real name, and I have tried to give her a hairdo and specs similar to mine. But her face is rather different from mine, and she does not have blue eyes.

    2. oh ok my glasses are similar to meike's too, I also have brown hair like her!

    3. I made the Sim I am using as an avatar to look quite a lot like me. My hair is longer now, but it used to be very much like that.

  4. will you make meike and Stephen have kids so the riley name carries on?

    1. They are related and can not have children together. But if one of them finds a partner whose LTW involves having children, why not :-) Also, it is possible that Stephen will be abducted by Aliens and has a child, but I am not planning on it.


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