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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Capp-Kim Family: Week 1

When I put together this post, I wasn't sure how to count it - for Justin Kim, it is his 2nd week back in town after graduating from university, and for Cherry Capp, I am not really sure which week it is.

Anyway, if you want to re-read the rather interesting events of Justin's first week, click here


...let's briefly go back to Tybalt Capp's household, which now consists of only himself and three of his children. Remember, he changed his lifetime want and now dreams of marrying off six children. Three have already tied the knot. All of them were Plantbabies, after Tybalt himself had become a PlantSim the natural way. Not long ago, I decided I was a bit tired of playing so many PlantSims, and had them all drink the potion to turn them into "human" Sims. Tybalt is now 65, and I better make sure the remaining three children get married soon.
Cherry is torn between wanting to stay with her family, and moving in with her love in order to get married and help fulfill her Dad's LTW. "Dad... I think I'll have to go... This place isn't really set up for so many Sims, now that we're not PlantSims any more..."
She's right; just look at the floor plan of the small house. It was OK for a family of PlantSims and robots, as they do not need beds, or a large dining table and so on. A shower room was more important to them, as were the sunlight lamps installed at various points in the house.
Cherry is a Pleasure Sim with the LTW of becoming Professional Party Guest. Before she moves out, she uses the computer to look for a job in the slacker career, and is lucky: she can start tomorrow as a record store clerk.
Then she boards the taxi, leaving her Dad and two brothers behind.
She does not have far to go: Justin Kim's house is just round the corner, really. In the row of three houses at the bottom of the picture, the middle one is Tybalt's. The one just round the bend is Justin's.
A close-up view of the house:
Maybe you remember the dramatic events at Justin's house last round, when his Uncle Alec died in a kitchen fire? The entire kitchen equipment was lost in the flames, too, and I wanted to wait until either Justin or Cherry roll wishes for buying a fridge, stove, kitchen counters and so on. Therefore, Cherry's welcome meal after moving in with Justin consists of Chinese takeaway.
The bedroom is more important to the couple than the kitchen - everything is intact there :-)
The rest of Monday, I have Cherry clean up the mess from the fire while Justin is at work.
With their two bank accounts merged into one, the couple can afford to spruce up the house a little. New, more expensive windows and doors are installed, and a car - which was on the wish list of both of them, I think - is bought.
Very early on Tuesday morning, a burglar appears on the lot.
The only thing she steals is the car.
Breakfast a few hours later consists of leftover Chinese takeaway... yum... :-D
"What a strange night this has been," Cherry remarks. "I am sure I heard some weird noises coming from the side of the house."
She was right - Justin discovers that the car was stolen, much to his dismay.
Determined not to let this put them into a bad mood for the rest of the day, Cherry tosses a coin at the shrine, and is rewarded with a generous rain of Simoleons. They already know what to do with the money.
It is their wedding day, and they have chosen St. Simius (built by Twoyys4me) as their venue. Paying for the buffet, DJ and so on is exactly what the money from the shrine is going to be used for.
The couple look nice together, don't they? (I did not check what their formal wear was, and am glad it wasn't something too weird like a pirate's costume or something like that!)
Justin does not have any living relatives he knows of, and so the wedding party is rather small, even though Cherry has five siblings and her father still around. A few random townies make up numbers.
Mr and Mrs Kim sharing a piece of wedding cake, while their guests are having fun on the dance floor :-) Some other members of the Capp clan were invited, too, but not everyone made it to the wedding. You can see Caroline Capp dancing.
I have been playing this game since it first came out, and still find new things every now and then. For instance, this is the very first time that I have ever observed a Sim talking about plantbabies!! Of course, Tybalt "planted" six of them, so it must be a topic close to his heart.
Justin and Cherry enjoy a glass of champagne, and then it is time to head back home.
Justin starts Wednesday morning by feeding the koi in his small pond.
Later, he greets Phoebe Love, one of the few townies in my game eligible for permanent residence in New Maximiliania.
Cherry comes home with a promotion to Party DJ.
On Thursday morning, Justin cleans the bath tub on his own accord.
So far, nobody has rolled wishes for kitchen equipment, but I do not want them to keep eating Chinese takeaway and pizza. Therefore, I put a new kitchen in and direct Cherry to prepare a wholesome breakfast of omelettes for a change.
Cherry's work starts in the evening, and Justin is out working all day. Also, she wants to show her family the renovated house and new kitchen, and so Cherry invites all her siblings over.
Her Dad is of course also invited, and so is Rose Greenman, another former PlantSim.
A game of kicky bag keeps everyone happy for hours, in spite of there being other "fun" objects in the house, such as a telly and a stereo.
When Cherry tosses a coin at the shrine on Friday morning, it promises success in her career.
Well, it certainly worked for Justin: He comes home promoted to Coach. That is just one step away from his LTW of becoming Hall of Famer.
He now needs three Charisma points, and gets to work on that skill as soon as he wakes up on Saturday morning.
It is still Saturday morning when Cherry returns from work. She is now a Projectionist, so the shrine kept its promise.
Strictly speaking, by getting married at St. Simius, this household has already been to a community lot this week. But I want to make things a bit more interesting for them and send them on an outing later in the day.
This time, the place of choice is Baliwood Star Lanes.
Cherry is pleased to meet one of her brothers there, too.
Justin rolls the wish to buy coffee for a Sim, and of course I have him buy one for Cherry before he buys another one for himself on his own initiative.
Do you recognize the other New Maximilianians here? Front is Jessie Pilferson-Dosser, with General Buzz Grunt in the back. Near the pool tables, we have Hal Riley talking to Roxie Sharpe.
It is Sunday, when I decide to do something for Cherry's fitness. She is married to a famous sportsman, after all.
While said sportsman is out working, Cherry once again invites over her family.
Kicky-bag really is their favourite game, it seems!
Justin is now Hall of Famer - he has reached his LTW 9 days from Elderhood. Congratulations!
When Cherry goes to work, he does not feel like spending the evening on his own, but invites some of his closest friends over: Garreth Newson and Paola Picaso, as well as Gabrielle Newson share a meal with him and listen to him talking about how good it feels to be part of a family again, now that he has married into the Capp clan.

It was a fun week to play with more going on than I would have expected. How long before Cherry will reach her lifetime want? Will Justin find any more relatives?

We have still more Capp family members to play!


  1. Nice to see more people marry, and lose the Capp name.

    1. You're right, it is good to have fewer Capps and more variety in surnames!

  2. Is that a custom-outfit that Justin is wearing? I'm not familiar with it...perhaps part of that download pack that contained the toddler sports uniform. I like it! I'm also not at all familiar with Baliwood Star Lanes. In my game, Justin Kim became the only person in Belladonna Cove to have an alien baby. I considered it appropriate, given his parents' background in SciFi.

    1. Justin is definitely suited for an Alien baby through his parents' background - I never thought of that!
      His outfit came, I think, with a stuff pack. I've had it in my game for a long time, it could have been a Holiday pack or something.
      Baliwood is originally from "The Sims Life Stories". Twoyys4me built it for The Sims 2 and sent it to me.

  3. What an action packed round. I love the home that Justin and Cherry have, lovely d├ęcor all round. :)
    It's so nice that they have a big family to come round all the time and entertain with.

    I can't take credit for building Baliwood, I found that and some other Life Stories goodies at MATY I think. Glad you are enjoying all those goodies as much as I have in the past. :)

    1. Thanks for clarifying this about Baliwood. I think I'll go back to the lot and add chairs and tables outside, like I've done when I first placed it in New Max after you gave me the lot (or the link?) via email.

      I thought it nice for Justin, who has lost all his family, to marry into a big clan like the Capps.


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