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Monday, 31 October 2016

Beaker - Week 7

At the Beaker house, we have two Sims on Permanent Platinum and one who will still need some time before the same can be said about her. Who are they?
Here is Circe Beaker, widow of Loki, who became Business Tycoon 2 days before she reached Elderhood. She is in her 70s now. As she is very neat, I am not surprised to see her cleaning the bathroom on this Monday morning.
Beta Beaker is one of Loki's half-Alien children. For a while, she lived elsewhere in New Maximiliania, but moved back in with her step-mother eventually.
She is Head of SCIA and reached this lifetime goal 20 days from Elderhood. There is no current love interest in her life - at least none she is thinking of. Instead, she often reminisces her college days, not unusual for a Knowledge Sim like her.
The most important thing she does this Monday happens here, at the Beaker's lab.
Time for a new face!
Beta seems to be really pleased with the result, and so am I.
Circe is in for a surprise when she turns around from the grand piano to look at the "new" Beta!
There is one more person at the house: B'Elanna. She is Beta's niece, the half-Alien daughter of her late brother Barry, and Circe's granddaughter.
B'Elanna is still a teenager but has already achieved 1/5 of her lifetime want: She is set on having 50 first dates and managed 13 last round.
Before getting on the school bus, she has 1st date # 14 with Carl Capp. The two of them are best friends, too.
Umm... sorry, Beta, this love letter is not for you!
Dates # 15...
...and 17 are all with townies. The Beakers are rich, and so B'Elanna can spend 5.000 Simoleons on every blind date. So far, though, there has not been any 3-bolt-boy for her.
A convenient bug means she has plenty of time after school for all those dates: When she gets off the school bus, she makes the "A+" gesture and runs to a spot behind the house, where she stops... and then nothing further happens. She never brings home any homework.
Maybe all those boys she has been dating so far compete with each other doing her homework for her!
On Tuesday morning, colder weather has set in and Circe dresses accordingly.
She then cleans the sink. I can always rely on her to do good part of the house work.
In the afternoon, Björn comes visiting. He is Beta's older brother; he and Barry were twins. Sadly, Barry died, leaving behind B'Elanna. Björn married Bottom Summerdream and lives with her at the Summerdream mansion.
B'Elanna has her 1st dates # 18...
...and 20, all of them with townies again.
Early on Wednesday morning, Beta reaches maximum hobby enthusiasm and enters "the zone" while playing the piano.
The much-needed gardener turns up today and actually does some gardening, for a change!

(Note: I think this lot is bugged. As soon a Circe is gone, I will have Beta move to a smaller place; I've never liked this house very much in the first place, as it does not have a very good layout and is far too big anyway.)
A cleaner is employed to help the ladies to remain on top of the housework. (This was a wish Beta rolled.)
Her last few dates ended quickly and unsatisfactorily, and so B'Elanna can have some fun according to her own choice after school today.
But once her fun bar is up again, it is time for some more dates. This is # 21...
...and this # 22.
On Thursday, B'Elanna gets up, wondering what the day will bring in terms of dates. Will Young Mr. Right be among them?
Date # 23 is not him.
Neither is it date # 24. The blind dates are a mix of known townies (such as Orlando Centowski here) and unknowns which I think the game spawned very recently, as I have never come across many of the names before.
Friday morning, Circe takes advantage of finding the piano not occupied for a change.
Beta and B'Elanna are having a pillow fight before school and work.
After school, townie-class mate Phoebe Love gets off the bus with B'Elanna. Do you remember my policy of trying to integrate townies with the same surname as playables? Sarah Love is still around, so Phoebe Love could become part of New Maximiliania eventually.
For now, B'Elanna is happy to have a class mate as her guest who is NOT a date. She prepares lunch meat sandwiches for the two of them.
Phoebe has seen a bit more of the world than B'Elanna, but has not had as many dates.
Like most teenage girls, these two love dancing, and spend a happy half hour near the stereo.
In between, B'Elanna manages to have a quick date with Christopher Capp - her # 25. That's half of her lifetime want done!
The girls wrap up themselves in towels and the evening with a stint in the sauna.
On Saturday morning, Beta cleans a puddle in front of the aquarium. Is there a leak? No, someone a little sloppier than Beta and Circe has been cleaning it.
My new rule of sending each household to at least one community lot each week applies here, too. I send the Beaker ladies to Archimedes Arcade.
Not much happens there, I'm afraid. After briefly looking around the place and greeting a few fellow New Maximilianians, the ladies grab a snack and then head home again.
Here, B'Elanna has her 1st dates # 26...
...and 27.
On Sunday morning, Circe and her granddaughter have breakfast. "Will you and aunt Beta manage without me, just the two of you, when I leave for college?" B'Elanna wonders.
Her last day before college should not go by unused, and so she has some more dates. This is # 28.
Beta has been showing the want to have a date, too. As the matchmaker is already here, she hands over another bundle of Simoleons, but is disappointed when all she gets is New Maximiliania's one and only zombie, Beaumont De Beateau. She quickly sends him away.
Meanwhile, B'Elanna has her 29th date.
Beta wonders whom of her friends she could call. Charlie Cho heeds her invitation to a date. He is the son of Etsu Cho and went to college with Beta, if I remember correctly.
But as soon as the two of them start their date, he shows the wish to get married... not to Beta, as the two of them do not even have crushes on each other. I will reveal his bride-to-be as the round progresses.
B'Elanna has her date # 30.
The week ends with her boarding the taxi for college, where we will catch up with her eventually.

Circe is now 80 years old. How much longer is she going to be around?
Is Beta going to find someone other than her stepmother to share her life with?
How is B'Elanna going to get ahead with her LTW at college?


  1. 80 that's quite old for a sim, will she last next round? I don't mind 50 first dates as you only need to say hello and onto the next round. Is Archimedes Arcade a new lot you have made?

    1. Circe will probably be around for a few days into the next round, but not the entire week. I estimate her lifetime bar to last for about another 2 or 3 "years".

      Apart from the Senior Residence (which I have built) and St. Simius (which Twoyys4me has built), there are no self-built lots in New Maximiliania - they are all Maxis-made. Archimedes Arcade came with "Freetime" and is aimed at all games-enthusiast Sims.

  2. Great round- Beta looks lovely with her new face. :D
    B'Elanna did great with her LTW thus far, I'm sure she'll crack it in college.
    Good to see Circe still around, I've rarely ever played her even as an adult but she's living to a great age in your game.
    It's funny with community lots how sometimes there is lots going on and other times it's all a bit 'flat'. Still nice to see your Sims out and about though.
    I like the idea of adding sims with the same surnames to your town. Isn't there a Christian Love as well?

    1. Yes, I've been wanting Sarah Love to meet Christian for ages, but so far, they have never run into each other, although Christian often walks by other Sims' houses and is friends with a few already. It would be nice to have Christian and Phoebe join Sarah eventually!
      Circe is much better than her reputation, I think. She was a good wife to Loki and a good (step-)mother to the children, while working hard all her life.


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