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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Francis J. Worthington: Week 4

Yes, you're reading correctly - I have finally corrected the spelling error in this Sim's first name which has been bugging me from Day One! Up until now, this Maxis-made Sim went by the name of Frances, in spite of him being male. I don't like typos generally, and especially not in people's and place names, and so I finally used the Tombstone of L and D to give "Frances" his proper name - he is now Francis.

It's been a long time since I last played his household; December 2014, to be precise. Back then, I was still experiencing strange graphics bugs in New Maximiliania. Maybe you remember how half of Francis' house was overlayed by another lot; if not, you can have a look at the pictures of that strange phenomenon here. xxx 

Now his house looks bug-free, and I am ready to play Francis through his fourth week after graduation. But wait... something has changed: his Lifetime want!
He used to dream of having six pets reach the top of their careers, but upon entering the lot now, I find that he has given up that idea and wants to become Space Pirate instead.

Here he is, getting up on that Monday morning to a new chapter in his life. He had been doing well so far; his two pets had already reached three tops of careers, so he was halfway there already. But what can you do when a Sim changes his mind?
Here is Kim, the Kat. She had reached the top of the Entertainment career last round and had already started to work in her next career.       
Abbey here had already two career tops under her belt: Rescue Pet and Star. But Francis rings both his pets' work places and quits their jobs for them. They have worked so hard - now they can just be pets, nothing more, and enjoy life at home.
On Tuesday, Francis finds a job in the Adventurer career first thing in the morning. He is now a "Multiregional Sim of some question", whatever that means! Before he starts work, though, he greets Nervous Singles, recently widowed husband of Erin Singles.       
His first day on the job is not very successful, though: Due to the wrong decision with a chance card, he is demoted to Spelunker.
That chance card is, by the way, one of several I have never seen before in my game (at least I can not remember them) that appear during this round with Francis.        
Good job he can fly back to work on his broomstick straight afterwards - and gets his former position back as if by magic :-) (Francis inherited Herb Goodie's book of spells and cauldron when his fatherly friend felt the day of his departure from this world was not far.)
Wednesday morning, the bathtub breaks. Because Abbey is in desperate need of a bath, Francis does not bother calling the repair service but does the job himself and then gives Abbey a thorough bath.

Cornwall Capp walks by and is politely greeted by Francis.     
He's been wanting to throw a party for a while now and does not have to go to work today, so I have him invite his 8 best friends over. Do you know who is who?
That's eight altogether, if I have counted correctly.
For a change, Francis does not have to eat his meal all alone.
Sirius Swain walks by on Thursday morning, just as the mail carrier leaves after having placed the usual bills in Francis' mail box.
Frances is promoted to Deep Sea Excavator.
This calls for an increased level of fitness, and he diligently works out in front of the TV. It being autumn plus the use of the Thinking Cap help :-)       
It is still dark when on this Friday morning, Charlie the wolf visits his old friend Abbey again.
Not a good day for Francis - he is not only demoted, but fired, after yet another (hitherto unkwown) chance card. Friend Mickey Pilferson (former Dosser) appears just in time to encourage his old college chum.       
Next on today's guest list is Gabriella Newson.
Francis' situation is precarious: He only has two days before aging up, and desperately needs to get back into the Adventurer career if he ever wants to reach his LTW. So far, he's not been lucky. On Saturday, he carefully checks his book of spells for something helpful when it comes to work and careers. But the book does not say anything about work, and Francis can't do anything but hope and keep looking on the Simternet.       
Orlando Ottomas passes by and is greeted.
He was followd by Christopher Capp a little later, and the two lads don't seem to mind Francis' burnt pork chops too much. School seems to be the most interesting subject to all three, believe it or not!       
While the two boys are still there, Francis attempts to repair the trash compactor. You can see the result! He sends his guests home and goes to bed, hoping for a better day tomorrow.
And Sunday is indeed a better day! First thing in the morning, Francis manages to get back his job as Multiregional Sim of some question. This calls for another party, and the same guests as earlier this week reappear.      
No burnt pork chops this time!       
It's a great party, and Francis can end his week on a happy note.

He'll turn into an Elder at the start of his next week, but it'll be a while before I'll get round to play him again. In the meantime, I hope his LTW won't change again! Also, I wonder whether there will be more unknown chance cards; hopefully, he won't get fired again. And what about love - will he remain on his own forever?


  1. Does he have any special ladies in his life at all? I will you move him into the senior residence when he turns elder? Your game does like to change your sims ltw's alot.

    1. No special ladies, but he is best friends with several. Interestingly, when one of the male neigbhours walked by, he had the "attraction" thought bubble above his head! I even let him "check out" that man, but no bolts showed up as a result.
      Francis will only move to the Senior Residence when his pets die.

  2. I'm so glad he has become 'Francis'. It was clearly a typo on Maxis part as I believe his Sim Bio reads the correct spelling. :)
    What a shame he got fired but I'm so glad he got his career back just in time. Adventurer and the Education track seem to have a lot more chance cards than any of the other careers.
    Great to end the week on what looked like a fun party.

    1. You're right, his bio has the correct spelling.
      I've never taken notice of how many chance cards come up with each career, but there really seemed to be an inordinate amount of them for Francis this week.


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