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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Goth-Peterson Household: Week 9

In New Maximiliania, the Goth family have long given up the original Goth house and moved to this villa, one of my favourite places in the neighbourhood. It has a much nicer, lighter atmosphere than the original house, and unlike with many other houses, I have spent a lot of time furnishing and decorating it, so that it feels like a real home for my Sims.
Who lives here now, so many years since the game has begun?
There is Alexander Goth, now 69 and still missing his wife Tara (nee DeBateau), who died last round at 79. Alexander has two children, the half-Alien twins Gunther...
...and Giselle.
Last round did not only see Alexander become a widower. It was also the time when he met and fell in love with Jessica Peterson, who is one year younger than he.
The dog, Moody, is the last remaining one from the days when Alexander's sister Cassandra was still alive. She had wanted to raise 20 puppies, and together with her husband Cyd Roseland was doing not too badly but died before she could make her lifetime want come true.
Monday morning sees the family at breakfast together. Jessica wants to show her "step children" (she is not engaged to Alexander, let alone married) that she takes an active interest in their lives and asks them about their plans, now that they are teenagers.
The want to go to college does appear with both twins, but I am by no means sure yet I'll send them.
In the afternoon, I have Jessica make herself useful and rake and burn the leaves that have been falling all over the extensive garden. Unfortunately, one of the nearby flower shrubs catches fire...
...and so does Jessica.
Just as she dies in the flames, the school bus arrives. Giselle and Gunther run to the scene along with Sofia Baldwin, who happened to walk by. But it is too late for Jessica.
Poor Alexander! Not only is the woman he was hoping to spend his remaining years with dead, his son is in flames, too, and it looks as if his daughter is going to be next.
In his effort to rescue his children, Alexander soon gets way too close to the fire himself.
The Grim Reaper appears again and again, taking Gunther and Alexander with him.
Only Giselle is left behind - saved by the hydrobot who took all this time to get round to the terrible scene! (It was activated all along, but you know that garden - it is full of slopes and angles, and more than once the bot got stuck on its way.)
Poor Giselle, poor Moody!

Well... I did not have a fire in New Maximiliania for quite a while. This one certainly more than made up for it!
Giselle is devastated.
Strangely enough, she only thinks of her twin brother, but never of her father.
Again, Gunther is on her mind, not her Dad, as she plays a sad tune on the grand piano.
Still Gunther, not Alexander.
Eventually, I send her upstairs to do her homework.
As soon as she's finished, she bursts into tears again. Can't blame her, can you! The poor rich girl now has more than 720.000 Simoleons to her name, but no brother, no father, no stepmother.
Only Moody, the dog. It is Tuesday morning when Giselle wakes up with the wish to wash Moody (never seen any of my Sims show that wish before). He was close to the fire yesterday and is very smelly, but never thought of using the water wiggler on the front lawn.
As a teenager, Giselle can live on her own without risking Social Services picking her up. But she can not go to school and take care of the large house and garden all by herself, and so she enlists the help of a gardener, a handyman and a cleaner. She can easily afford it.
She is very unwell, which is hardly surprising after all she went through.
On Wednesday morning, she gets up, still feeling unwell.
Today, one of her many half-siblings comes home with her after school: B'Elanna Beaker.
"You and all our other brothers and sisters are now the only family I have... it's a shame our Alien father is not with us," she muses over lunch with B'Elanna.
At night, she dreams of several more of her relatives.
On Thursday, Glenda Greenman gets off the bus with her.
When Giselle takes care of today's mail, she thinks of how one day she wants children of her own. Her lifetime want is to have 6 grandchildren. The Goth family name won't die out - unless somehing happens to Giselle before she is old enough to have a baby.
The classmates talk of what they want to do when they are grown up. Most of the time, Giselle already feels quite grown up... she had no choice there, did she.
Jill Indie (nee Smith) walks by and is greeted by Giselle.
The three "girls" have a game of kicky bag with Moody watching closely.
The gardener is back on Friday.
Gabriella Newson is Giselle's guest in the afternoon.
Saturday starts with Giselle giving Moody a badly needed bath. This dog could really do with a wash every day!
Since it is the weekend an no homework needs to be done, Giselle invites all her friends over. Anything but being all on her own in the large house! Stephen Riley sits down for a spot of lunch with his friend. "If I do indeed go to college, I want to make it to the Dean's List every semester," the girl informs him.
She still rolls the want to go to college, but not every day.
Later, Stephen and Glenda make music together.
Giselle's other friends - Meike Riley, Perseida Powers and B'Elanna Beaker - gather in the gym room.
Later, Perseida and Giselle play chess. "I really want to pack up and leave for college soon... but I can't just leave poor old Moody," Giselle tells her half-sister.
On Sunday morning, Giselle discovers that it has been snowing for the first time this winter. She has now moved to the bedroom that once belonged to her aunt Cassandra and uncle Cyd, it being more conveniently situated on the second floor of the house instead of the top.
Once again, she invites all her friends, plus whoever happens to walk by, such as Jacqueline Jacquet, yet another of her many half-sisters.
Today, she serves one of the cakes that were in the inventories of several household members at the beginning of the week.
She so enjoys not being on her own, but surrounded by friends and family at the table.

This is how the week at this, my only teenage household, ends.
Will Giselle go to college? Who could be the future father of her children and probably take on the Goth family name?


  1. Goodness that was dramatic! Poor Giselle all alone after the tragic fire took her loved ones.
    I guess if she goes to college she won't be able to afford to move back to this lovely house without 'help'. ;)
    Have you thought about hiring a Butler? They would do all the necessary jobs around the house.
    I've never seen a Sim roll a wish to wash a pet either, I shall look out for that!

    1. If Giselle goes to college, it will only be with her inventory crammed full of expensive things, so that after graduating, she can afford the house again. The money is all hers anyway, so it's not cheating :-)
      Yes, I did think of the Butler. But I don't particularly like the Butlers in this game. They serve meals all the time, irrelevant of whether a Sim actually needs to eat or not. And they have a daft tendency to fire the gardener, although they are NEVER able to cope on their own with all the gardening.

  2. She could go to college and move back home if the dog were to be used as a placeholder. Otherwise I probably wouldn't send her.

    So sad to see most of the family gone at one time. Maybe she can carry on the family name and bring pretty green babies into the game someday. That would be nice.

    1. She could move back in if I stuffed her inventory full of expensive things - she is a VERY rich young lady, so it wouldn't be cheating :-)
      The dog as a placeholder? How would that work? Wouldn't the services pick up the dog if she moved out and left the poor animal on his own?

      Giselle will definitely do what she can to prevent the Goth name from becoming extinct! Pretty green babies would be nice :-)

  3. i think you can hire a babysitter for the dog,i think it is like if you go on vacation, your going to college. I haven't actually tried it but you could still stuff her backpack with expensive things or just use the money cheat when she graduates, or even just make someone from CAS to look after the house until she returns and then get rid of the CAS sim. And as you could have helped if you really wanted too but you do like your sims to burn their leaves. lol

    1. I had no idea one can hire a babysitter for a pet. It is certainly something I could try. No money cheat necessary for Giselle - the more than 700.000 Simoleons she owns are certainly enough to buy the house back when she graduates :-)

    2. I think that the nanny for pets only happens when you are going on vacation. Otherwise, the nanny will leave if there are no children on the lot.

      I have used pets a house-holders several times. As soon as she has left the lot to go to college, save and exit the lot before pet services comes to claim the pet. Then don't play the house again until she's ready to move back in after college.

      The first time I did this was sort of by accident. The Goodies had a cat, and when they both died I exited the lot, not really realizing that the cat would be taken away if I didn't, but finding it interesting that the lot was still active with only the cat. I decided the nice old childless couple left everything to the cat, and whatever family decided to adopt & care for the cat got the house and the money also. I ended up moving the Weir family in when Connor married Carla Reamon, to get them out of Geoff's house. Now I do this frequently to keep hold of family homes and fortunes when sims go off to college.

    3. That is one good way of handling the situation! You are right, it suits the Goodies to have left everything to their cat :-)

  4. Wow, that was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. I feel bad for Giselle, but at least she has some half-siblings. It's cool that she inherited so much money. I love that house by the way. I used to have a huge family living in there before that hood got corrupted.

    1. Hello octaviavalley, I believe this is your first comment here - welcome to New Maximiliania!
      Yes, it's a great house, perfect for a large family, which is what the household once used to be, when Cassandra and Cyd, Alexander and Tara, Gunther and Giselle plus several dogs were all still around...
      Sorry to hear your hood became unplayable.

  5. Poor Giselle! and lovely house :)

  6. Will Giselle go to college? I've never played in this house for that long but the last time I did It didn't look too good because I was horrible at decorating, but my decorating has gotten better after reading your blog!

    1. I don't know yet whether she will go or not - it depends on her wishes :-)
      Often, I am not too keen on furnishing and decorating, but rather want to play and bring my Sims' lives forward. But with this house, I somehow really enjoyed furnishing and decorating it, and I rather like the result.

  7. one of the ottomas twins also wants 6 grandchildren and in the past you've gotten people who share the same aspiration together,will you get Giselle and one of the ottomas twins together?

    1. I have stopped keeping track of the LTWs of all my Sims; I still write it down but not in a form that allows me to easily check who has the same one. I can not remember which Ottomas kid has the same LTW as Giselle, or what age they are at the moment. If it worked out, it would be nice!


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