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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Jared Starchild: Week 4

This is Jared Starchild's fourth week in New Maximiliania since his graduation.His lifetime want has not changed - he still wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens. When we left him at the end of his third week, he had managed to raise 9 puppies already; not bad for someone who has to do it all on their own in a rented apartment without any regular income!
Jared still lives in the same rented apartment. It is the one on the ground floor in the left half of the building.
So far, he has been surviving on what he saved from his student grants. An inheritance on Monday morning sees his fortune grow to 4.273 Simoleons.

Morning, Jared! How is your week going to be like?
This is Strolch, his male dog and the first one he raised from when he was a puppy.
Here is Suzy, his second puppy raised to adulthood, and mother of all the other dogs he has raised so far. Right now, she is taking care of her latest litter of four (only 3 pictured): Stella, Steward, Stina and Struppi.
Monday is rent day, and this means Jared's inheritance is almost eaten up; his bank account is now down to 2.645 Simoleons - and that's before the Tuesday and Thursday bills.
But there is no way Jared can hold a job AND raise 20 puppies at the same time! He is constantly busy, since there is always a pet bed to clean...
...or a dog to wash, food bowl to fill, and so on.
He barely finds the time (and does not always manage it) to greet his fellow New Maximilianians as they walk past the building. On Monday afternoon, he greets Jodie Larson, but that's nearly all human interaction he has that day.
On Tuesday, it is much the same routine. Jared gets up at 6.00...
...does the round of the food bowls and everything else that needs doing around the flat and his dogs.
He does get a phone call from a friend or acquaintance every now and then.
The puppies are not yet fully house trained, as you can see!
But this afternoon, the four little ones grow up - being no. 10, 11, 12 and 13 on Jared's list. They all look identical to their mother, which is why I am not going to show you a picture of each of them.
Sad as it is, Jared knows there is only one thing for him to do before he can encourage Suzy and Strolch to have more puppies: give the four younger dogs up for adoption. The kind officer is soon there to pick them up, and Jared knows they will go to good homes.
Before the day is over, it is time to clean yet another one of the four pet beds in the extra room reserved for his dogs.
The bath tub leaks, but thankfully, Jared does not have to repair it - he can simply ask the Landlord to do it.
The cleaning up afterwards is left to him, though.
Wednesday morning makes more cleaning necessary.
For a change, Jared decides it is time for some human company, and he invites over his two closest friends.
Dirk Dreamer and Mercutio Monty do not take long to arrive.
One of the amenities of this apartment building is the grill on the back deck, and Jared makes hot dogs for himself and his friends.
He confesses to Mercutio that he would actually like to find that special two-legged someone to share his life with, but has not found her yet. Of course she would have to love dogs.
Thursday morning starts like every morning in Jared's life ever since he has graduated: with pet-related housework.
Later, Ripp Grunt walks by...
...followed by Erin Singles...
...and Buck Grunt. Jared never spends much time with any of his guests; usually, they head straight for the jaccuzzi on the back deck, while he sticks to his dog-related tasks.
That night, the next litter of puppies are born on the sidewalk: Star, Silkie and Sally. 
On Friday, the most important and first task on Jared's list is, once again, the food bowl round.
Strolch is now an elderly dog.
Ramir Patel walks by... does Perseida Powers.
By Saturday, Strolch is in such desperate need for a bath that he emits a green smelly cloud. He needs a bath every two days or so, and Jared has had the time to give him only one so far this week.
Suzy does not do this often, but she needs some peace and quiet after the birth of her latest litter and retreats to Jared's bed where the little ones can't follow her.
Jared takes every opportunity to train the puppies.
Dinner consists on leftover pizza from the landlord's party for all his tenants.
It may be Sunday - a day of less work and more play for most people - but Jared can't escape the endless round of cleaning pet beds and filling pet bowls.
Circe Beaker walks by and is invited in.
Jared does not want to miss out on the Sunday feeling completely and decides to have a slice of the layer cake he bought at one of the two bakeries in New Maximiliania.
It is early winter, and the first snow flakes begin to fall that afternoon.
An exhausted Jared goes to bed on Sunday night. His next set of puppies to grow up will be # 14, 15 and 16; I think he really will be the first Sim ever in my game to achieve this LTW.
Will he then focus on his own needs some more, and maybe find that special someone in his life?


  1. This is one of the most time consuming ltw as well as the 20 loves/whoohoo's. But Jared is doing a great job. Hopefully one day he will find a female companion, that loves dogs. Just been playing Jared Starchild on my sims 2 megahood.

    1. I must go and look at your blog to read what Jared is up to in your game!
      Yes, it is very time consuming. I find the 20 loves/woohoos much easier, because it does not involve constant pet bed cleaning and dog washing :-) Maybe next time I play a Sim with that LTW, I'll go for cats; they clean themselves and don't need as much attention as dogs.

  2. i haven't blogged Jared starchild yet, still putting up the F's. i play well ahead just in case something happens i can't get to the computer at all. Yep cats will be a lot easier, just filling bowls and emptying the cat littler tray.

  3. Jared is doing a great job- almost there!
    If you have the toy Water Wiggler the dogs will often wash themselves in it- it doesn't do a 'full' wash but enough to stop them complaining, and it's fun of course.
    Even so Jared had an action packed week. :)

    1. I've been trying to distribute the WW in New Max as much as possible, but so far, there is only one Sim who can make them (I think), and he/she gives them away as gifts to all visitors and friends. Jared has not turned up there yet, so he has no WW at the moment.
      It wasn't easy for Jared to do all that on his own AND find time to look after himself as well!

  4. Hi Meks! Who is Jared Starchild? Ive not heard of him. I think i had 1 sim in my history complete that ltw with success. I miss him. he was the patriarch of that large fam i told you bout that went to jades villas. wife wanted lots of kids he wanted lots of pets it was a house full i had to cheat a lot!it was fun though because i didnt give away or sell any pets. when the kids became adults or graduated uni i would give them 1 - by then though dogs were old and began to die off. And look out for an email coming from me soon.

    1. Jared Starchild is a Maxis-made playable student who becomes part of the game with the Uni expansion pack. I have written about him before; just click on the label "Starchild" and you'll find the posts in which he has appeared so far :-)

  5. oh, yeah thats how i saw him, i was looking to see if by chance to see if there was a new post, then I looked through the good ole days posts. i said oh starchild - whos that- and i didnt recognize him. i guess i didnt play him but i like his name, so i will in time. thanks for introducing him to me

    1. I've changed his hairdo, the one he was given by Maxis was just too horrid, so maybe that's why you didn't recognize him :-)


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