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Monday, 22 September 2014

Gunnar Roque: Week 3

Who owns this unusual lot, with a tower and a tiny house on one end of the vast expanse of uncultivated land?
       It is Gunnar Roque, who moved here some time ago and spends his days pursuing his romantic interests. He does not work, which explains his very modest circumstances. We find him clearly not well on the Monday morning of his third week after graduation, but that will not deter him from meeting as many ladies as possible this week.
Right now, he has only 1.408 Simoleons on his bank account, but a moment later, an inheritance kicks in, boosting his fortune to 2.308;-. Also, in his inventory, he still has the expensive telly he somehow got hold of during one of the previous weeks, but he will only sell that as a last resort.

       Today, he meets Heather Huffington.

        The two of them quickly bond over glasses of champagne.

        Tuesday morning sees Gunnar carefully filling in a hole dug by a stray dog. He can't risk any of his lady friends breaking something by stepping into the hole with their elegant high heels!

      Later that day, he makes the acquaintance of Lilith Ottomas (nee Pleasant) and Florence Delarosa. As in the previous weeks, he will follow his tested and proven tactics of always cultivating several friendships at once instead of focusing on just one lady.

        Wednesday morning sees Gunnar doing some housework. Not only does he himself feel better when his tiny house his clean, he also knows that it matters to most of his female visitors.

        He invites Florence over and starts to work his way to her heart.

       On Thursday morning, he finds he can't stop thinking of Heather Huffington.

       In spite of his focus being very clearly on the ladies, he is a polite Sim and greets his male neighbours as well. Here, Nathan Gavigan walks by.

        Before Thursday is over, Heather Huffington becomes his conquest # 15 - that's five to go until he'll have reached his lifetime want!

        On Friday morning, Lavender Greenman, who became his # 14 last week, decides on paying a visit.

       By the time Gunnar invites Lilith over, Lavender has already left.

        The cheap sink breaks (everything is the cheapest model in this house), which means Gunnar has to invest some of his valuable time into repair work.

       It is Saturday morning, and, as has been the case nearly every day, Martina Martin rings Gunnar. She is a teenage girl and Gunnar does not want them to get too close, but she keeps ringing him.

        He is much more willing to get close to Lilith... VERY close. She is now the 16th name on his list of ladies he has had woohoo with. "Your eye make-up perfectly matches my bedsheets, sweetheart," he charms her.

       After Lilith has left, Gunnar invites Florence over again. She works long hours and so can come over only late in the evening. Therefore, it is already Sunday by the time she becomes his # 17.

        Happily, Gunnar checks his list. Only three more to go!

        Gallagher Newson is Gunnar's second male visitor of the week.

       On Sunday afternoon, he works his way into Monica Bratford's affections.

        The stray dog has been back, and Gunnar has to fill in a hole once more.

       Desdemona Capp walks by and is greeted by Gunnar. The week ends with him and Desdemona becoming friends (and nothing more just yet).

Who will the last three ladies on Gunnar's list be? And what will he do once he has reached his LTW? Is he ever going to do something about his financial situation, or stick to his modest lifestyle?


  1. well he seems to be doing really well on his modest lifestyle. I am assuming that Desdemona will be on his list of conquests.

    1. Not sure about Desdemona yet; he may complete his list of 20 ladies before that. Yes, he doesn't need any expensive stuff for entertainment and comfort - he lives on love :-)))


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